Precious Moments

LoveandHappinessJune 5, 2014

I just realized I probably posted in the wrong forum. But I was trying to find out if anybody else collects Precious Moments. I figure the collectibles section is more fitting :). I bought this one yesterday, called "Onward Christian Soldiers". Not sure how rare it is, but it's sooooooo cute!

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Things in the "collectible" category should be purchased, collected, amassed because you like them and not as an investment or as something that will ever appreciate substantially (or at all) in value.

I'm sure there are many collectors of PMs out there. Not my cup of tea since I find them a bit on the saccharine side.

Not meant as snark for what tugs at your heart, but this article says it all for me

Here is a link that might be useful: Precious Moments

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My grandmother loved them, so I can't help but like them too. Your new acquisition is indeed cute.

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