Are these depression glass?

camlanJune 15, 2012

Background: I'm responsible for divvying up my great-aunt's estate. She requested that all her nieces and grand-nieces be able to pick a piece or two from her china cabinet, which is a treasure trove of china and glassware from many decades.

One cousin requested some of Auntie's pink depression glass. I'm not really sure what qualifies as depression glass. Are these pictures of depression glass?

Sorry for the huge size of the pictures--I'm having Photobucket issues.

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Yeah!!!....Pretty pink depression glass!
The cookie dish is nicer, older and more classic than the S and P.
Linda C

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Thanks, Linda. Now I can pack these up and start distributing all the stuff to everyone.

That cookie plate was the centerpiece at many a tea party with my cousins and my aunt, so I'm glad it's going to someone who wants it.

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And that little tea cloth on the table "ain't no slouch" either....very nice...drawn and couched work....yeah!!

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Oh, Linda, that's not a tea cloth. That's a huge, nearly square linen tablecloth that was my great-grandmother's. All hand-done, including the hemstitching all around the edges.

Poor Great-Grandmama would be spinning in her grave if she knew that I use it as my summer bedspread. But better used than stuffed in a drawer, I say.

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