zoezoeJanuary 22, 2007

Is there anyone here that has never plucked/waxed they're eyebrows -- ever? I am 52 and have never had the "pleasure" of doing this little beauty routine. I can't believe that I am the only one?????

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Pleasure isn't the word I would use. DD has been having a fit since I use my leg razor to shape my eyebrows. LOL

Actually bought my first pair of eyebrow tweezers last week. I am 45 yrs. young. We'll see how it goes.

I am not high maintenance, but enjoy having a nice appearance.

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I would think that if you have lived 45 years without plucking/tweezing your eyebrows, why start now?

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Why start now?

Well, because as one gets older the eyebrows start to SPREAD.

Little stray hairs start growing around the natural eyebrows that you've had for years, and plucking is needed.

This starts happening about the same time that a woman starts to grow her middle-aged mustache, and chin hairs. Women even start to grow noticable ear hair sometimes with middle age.

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LMAO - I'm generally referred to as 'young,' but my eyebrows have always had a spreading tendency. In order to have any shape whatsoever, I've been at it since I was 12, I believe.

They grow in mostly reddish blonde, so they have to be tinted most of the time to avoid the Whoopi Goldberg look. I have to pluck them every 3 days or so, and I can honestly say I've found them in what I'm sure is technically zoned as the 'forehead' area.

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yep...gotta watch that ... or you end up with "unibrow"

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Lol.... I actually don't grow much in the middle - this one was literally right in the middle, between my right eyebrow and my hairline. I was freaked out for a minute - it really startled me. :D

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I have never plucked mine either. I'm 50. My brow hairs are fairly thick (individually) and hard to pluck - hurt waaaayyy to much. Now along with all my other hairs there seems to be some general thinning while some are growing wildly long - so now I trim the length with little scissors - how embarrasing!
Still not to interested in the plucking shaping though. I have fairly "heavy" features - largish nose, thick lips, large eyes, glasses - little tiny eyebrows I think would just look ridiculous.

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I think well shaped eyebrows make your face appear younger and more feminine. Marys, a little shaping wouldn't look bad at all, you just don't want to go so thin as some women do, but getting them shaped by a professional might be something to consider.

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I would suggest that if you have never tweezed then I'd go to a salon and have a professional do it. A messed up eyebrow tweeze job can look just terrible...I've seen women tweeze them way too far apart in the middle and it looks just horrible, better off natural than a bad tweeze job! If you just will not go to a salon and you've gone all these years without tweezing just pull out the hairs that are way out of place(the strays) and if you have some long wild ones, just cut the wild hair off.

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