Butterfly Tary

debodunJune 19, 2011

I found this glass-covered tray in the attic of parent's estate. It's 18" long and 12" wide with a basket-like matrix with two handles on each end. The butterflies and plants used to decorate it appear to be real and they are pressed into what looks like a silk background. I was curious when this type of folk-art and handcraft was popular and what would be a reasonable price to ask if I decide to sell it. Here is photo:


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Seems to me those things are from the 1920's and 30's...but it could be done any time...I have a similar piece done in a picture frame that was done about 4 years ago....but the tray looks older than that.
What to ask? $20?....maybe $30. Very likely the one who buys it will take the flowers and butterflys out and spray paint the tray "shabby chic"....sigh...
Linda C

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My guess is fifties and Japan. I have several lamps with shades made of rice paper with ferns and real butterflies pressed between the layers. Purchased in fifties in Japan.Those sorts of things were popular with G.I.s to bring home as momentoes.

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I bought what I thought was a painted tray (didnt have my glasses on LOL)at a garage sale for 3 dollars. When I got it home on closer inspection I saw the entire tray was made up of different butterfly species. It was from Brazil, I checked on ebay and they had a similar one, not as nice for 75 dollars...I just checked Ebay, they have Brazilian, Japanese and Austrian trays, would be interesting to find out what country started making them and how it spread around the world.....No clue as to age tho...

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