$500 to spend on a gas grill ....

dwyerkgJune 25, 2002

what would you get? what accessories? Is a cover needed?

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If that was all of the money that I could spend on a grill, I would probably look at a unit from "Great Outdoors". Very solid, lots of cast metal and even cast brass burners with a 25 year warranty. Weber also makes a nice product in that price range and are widely available.

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I also was looking to buy a Grill recently. (See my recent post the Weber Comparison). At a price under $500, the two grills that seemed the most attactive to me were the Weber Silver Genesis C and the top of the line Kenmore premium grill. For the reasons I outline in my post, I am very happy with with my Weber purchase dicision. Although, I do not have any actual experience with the Kenmore Grill on Sale at Sears for $ 499. It looked very interesting for the following reasons:

1) It is also manufactured by Grand Hall like the Member Mark Grill.

2)It has many attactive stainless steel components and it seems to be very well built.

3) It has slightly more BTU's than my Weber for a similiar surface area, so it should get plenty hot if you live in a moderate area.

4) It seems to have more features for less money that the Kenmore Elite Model.

5) Most noteably: it has an IR Rotisserie Burner and and a smoker box that allows you to add wood chips without opening the grill.

It you like the stainless steel look, are determined to stay under $500, you don't mind a short warranty period or live in a area were rust can be a problem, then the Kenmore seems like a good product.

For me, I am very happy with my Weber and would not go back and buy any other unit in this price range.

Good luck with your purchase decision.

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Take a look at the Aussie at Lowe's. I sure like mine.

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Or the uniflame at Walmart. Only $300, so you can go buy a couple of hundred dollars on good food to cook on your new grill.

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