Handbag trends?

centralcacyclistJanuary 6, 2005

I want to buy (today possibly) a new everyday handbag. I need to ask you fashion mavens (or victims!) what the current popular styles are. I am a short person so I need one that isn't too large. Something the 100.00-150.00 dollar range. Any ideas?

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Well, from what I can tell, brown is out. I would go for something in a color that would coordinate with most of your everyday clothes.
I have everyday handbags for both summer and winter.
If yours is to be used year round, I would get a fabric bag and not leather.
I have zillions of handbags...so fun to shop for, they always fit.

Get the latest style also. It will really help to give a pair of jeans some flair. As far as syle, get what works for your body shape and life.

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BarnMom: Many years ago, I bought a "Dooney" purse. It was a bit pricey, but that purse looks as good as new, and always seems to be in style. I used to change purses as often as I changed my shoes, but not anymore. I use it year round, and only use a small clutch for evenings.

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gaah- I don't pay that for shoes ;) unless I'm getting them fitted

my last two purses have been the ultra-simple 'teardrop' shape. one's a Ken Cole/Reaction in blue canvas with a green canvas lining

the other one is a nine west, and is a dark purple that tends to look brown in some lights- it's goes with my blacks, my browns, my burgundies, and my greens, and it doesn't look bad with my blues, either ;)

the new styles seem to be either useless little clutch-y things with pointless little straps, or 'industrial' inspired designs- my pety maven just came back from London with a bag from CAT (you know, the people who make earth movers and bulldozers?) but mini-duffles are big, as are things that look to me like camera bags, with all sorts of zippered pockets...

but I'm old fashioned, and want a purse to look, well, like a lady's purse, not my college back pack, eh?

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Well, I still haven't found a handbag that I like. Too many zippers and buckles and pockets! Too big or too small!

ebags.com has a good selection. Anyone used this site?

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I have a Dooney 'all weather leather' black bag that I love. It's got a shoulder strap so I can wear it across my back/shoulder so it doesn't hurt my one shoulder and keep slipping off (I hate that). The thing is that it cost a lot, but it doesn't look it. So, while I feel good when I use it (which is every day) sometimes I think it looks like I got it at Kmart, so I'm thinking it was a mistake to spend so much on it. Not much help, just talking, Barn Mom.

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I also have a purse fetish and since I could literally pick up a new one every day, limit my spending to $30 each. As far as trends, I think you can get an idea of what's "popular" just by taking a trip to the mall and checking out the shops (or the shoppers!). Where I live, bags are getting a little bigger, but are not as large as they were a couple of years ago. Colors of all variations seem to be very popular. Myself, I buy what I like and don't worry about anyone else: if it'll fit all my stuff and I like the way it looks, more often than not it follows me home...sigh. LOL--think I need to go shopping now!

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I have been wearing a favorite nannini bag for a year; it has everything I need, 2 outside pockets, one for the cell, the other one for sunglasses or reading glasses, whichever is not on my nose at that time; it's big enough to hold an extra notebook but not big enough to lose stuff in it- the shoulder strap is long enough to sling sideways over the shoulder and the bag just rests at the right place.
Problem is I'm wearing it down to death; and of course nannini has come out with other styles since then and has not repeated this one so I'm doomed to wear it till it dies. If I could have this one replicated in fresher looking leather, I would.....

I now find that I have a shelf full of purses I don't wear anymore; time to purge and let them go.

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I love my vera bradley with the 6 inside pockets. I also love a blk & brn Coach backpack I was given about 6 yrs ago & I swear it looks brand new!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I've gotten to where I only like lightweight handbags. I'm 6', so I carry at least a meduim sized bag and I prefer shoulder straps usually, although I have plenty of summer bags that are not.
My closet shelves are filled with beautiful, expensive leather bags that just weigh too much when filled. I don't even look at the dooney and burke or coach leathers anymore.
They make my shoulder hurt! I don't carry around that much either.

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I agrree with bumblebeez,, so many of those high end bags are heavy before you put anything in them. I wonder, do women design these bags? I hunt for years to find one I like and usually have to settle . And please no shoulder strap that is too narrow and digs into your shoulders.. I would like to know where I can buy the bags the Stewardess' used to carry,,nice and large, light weight leather, wide shoulder strap etc. etc.

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I have a few Coach bags and love them. Yes, the leather is heavy, but I never take much in my purse. Wallet, cell phone, lipstick, pens - that's about it. And I like the fact that they look great after 20 years.

I never understand what women carry in their purses that make them so heavy.

As for style, I tend towards simple bags without pockets, buckles, etc. I don't carry enough to worry about whether things get jumbled up.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

This is what I routinely carry: Big wallet, 2 additional thin checkbooks (for some of our businesses), small makeup bag (2-3 lipsticks, small bottle foundation, pressed powder compact), hairbrush, cellphone, eyeglass case, keys, pen, small bottle hand sanitizer and a few coupons.
Maybe it is a lot! I see women who carry those wallet purses and I think, where do you put your stuff?

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I moved to a wallet purse. An fabric organizer with slits for credit cards. I carry credit cards, cash, change, small packet of Kleenex, nail file, check book, keys, teeny flashlight, comb, pill box, selected coupons, receipts,cell phone. It fits into a tote in which I carry all the other stuff women are expected to tote but I leave it in the car while shopping. I also put my knitting in there or reading material. It's close but it sure saves my back. I find I rarely ever need the stuff in the tote, except when I locked my keys in the car and I missed my knitting while I waited for the road service. $100 to 150! My husband spent this much on a Dooney & B because I was admiring it, but I never use it because it is so heavy and large. The larger the purse, the more we tend to stick in them. At least I do.

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Netflix for handbags

Here is a link that might be useful: Bag, borrow or steal

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I recently bought a new handbag online, after not being able to find anything that suited my needs as a university student - needing space for my files etc, I am fashion conscious not wanting to get a bag that may only go with one outfit as well as not wanting a bag thatÂs going to fall apart so I decided is must be a leather bag, after talking to some fellow students as well as my fashion tutor I came across MaxwellScott
I ended up buying the Claudia after briefly considering the size of my student loan I thought whatÂs another months repayment for a bag that will most likely outlast my time at university.

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offer you something special: www.cntradecity.com

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Boy, this sure brought the spammers out of the woodwork!

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Agree barnmom, spammers and their ugly counterfeit websites; does anyone actually order from these?

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I'm not sure if this is relevant, but I used to love Coach when the were just nice leather looking bags. Now most of their bags are with the C's all over them What were/are they thinking? And, to make matters worse, every Tom, Dick and Harry has one. They've become so K-martish...just depresses me. Anyone else notice how much more main stream Coach has become? It's like once the "C" type purse became popular, people wanted them more since others could tell they had a Coach. Sorry, I don't like to advertise a company and my name's not "C"athy, so I don't want a bunch of big "C"s on my purse.

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Yes, the "branding" is ridiculous. I don't want initials on my stuff either. Unless someone wants to pay me to advertise their brand.

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I love Vera Bradley bags. I switched to them from Coach after everyone in the world had them, including all the fake bags out there. And they are not leather, so they are not heavy, and they hold tons of stuff. If you don't like the colorful designs, they also have plain black and brown. And, most importantly (for me anyways) they are under $100. Let us know what you choose!!

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I looked at the Vera Bradley site; those handbags do look nice. There's a reatiler by my house; I'll have to check them out. Another kind I'm growing to like is Fossil. They have a wide range of purses/bags around the $100-$150 price range.

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The Vera Bradley bags do look interesting. There is a retailer close to home so I can go look, though I'm not sure they will carry what I want. They are a gift store with things like lotions, soaps, note cards, pens, yarn, and trendy gift items. The site tells me a Vera Bradley store has opened in San Francisco, 90 minutes from me. It is in the same center as the other stores my daughter and I like. Of course, it will be a very expensive trip!

I signed up to get a catalog on the site. The web images are too small.

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For what it's worth, I too, used to be a Dooney and Coach fan, but I agree that the knock-offs are making the investment questionable. Since I've come to that semi-decision, I've discovered Penneys purses. Some of them are leather, well made, and fashionable without being over the top (I'm not a fan of all that hardware). And inexpensive to boot!

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Most Crabtree and Evelyn stores carry Vera Bradley bags. The one near me will even order something for you, if you want. The duffel bags are great overnight bags too!!!

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The knockoffs have made the designer bags look cheesy to me; I saw a girl downtown the other day , she had a Louis Vuitton large tote bag and a small black and white chanel logo purse, obviously both fake.

I buy designers I can afford like Furla and Nanini ; no distinct logos, good design and quality. They are expensive but half the price at least of the original Vuittons.

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For the price range you are looking for, i would go to this website www.cosmofriend.com They always send me e-mails when they receive new stuff, i love their products. I have a couple of bags that I got from them.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.cosmofriend.com

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If anyone is still reading, this is a great place for handbags among other things. Their prices are terrific. I just found this place last night and ordered a cute handbag. It was on sale for $14.99.

Here is a link that might be useful: Handbags, Wallets, etc

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I'm still looking and still waiting for my catalog to come. I'll check this site. I bought a small cheap bag last night but have decided that I chose hastily and that it's TOO cheap! Back it goes today.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I don't understand this thread. Doesn't everyone carry handbags that coordinate with their outfit? Don't handbags in all shapes and styles call your name? And should you find a handbag you love, it's best not to get too attached, otherwise grease and sharpie stains will be magically attracted to it.
That's why you need at least one new fall and spring bag each year. TJ Maxx excels at handbags. And the styles of Spring 2005 are different than fall 2007!

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