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lazybonesJanuary 10, 2006

I have been wanting to change stylists and finally got the name of another woman at different salon. Well, I intended to call today to make an appointment. I came home to find a message on my answering machine from my regular stylist that she was no longer at her previous salon. She moved to the same salon where this new hair stylist is! Now I feel strange making the appointment with the new stylist. I can go on a day the old one doesn't work, and hope we never run into each other. I can pretend I never got her message and didn't know where she moved. I just don't think I can be honest, she is moody and I don't want any conflicts. What does anyone think?

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I hate conflict so I would probably just pretend I didn't get her message and didn't know where she had moved. 'Oh, fancy meeting you here'. Then just keep using your new stylist.

I know that is not an entirely honest approach but like I said - I really don't like conflict especially with someone who is moody.

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And you definately don't want conflict with someone who does your hair. I say find another person all together, someone that does not work at the salon where the two stylists work.

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You're right if she is moody, she is not likely to
be gracious but you might be surprised. There are many good stylists and maybe the last advice was best: just find another salon. But if you don't have many options, then be up front with your old stylist and telephone her and say you would like to try someone new and how would she feel if it was MRS. X. You have nothing to lose.

I had a situation where I decided to go to another stylist but keep my existing hairdresser to do my color. I ran it by her and to her credit she was professional and very accepting. I was the one surprised because she was a very young woman and I almost expected her to have gotten an attitude and miffed. As a result, she has had my continuing business now for three years (every four weeks!) and I get to have fun picking hair stylists.

Business is business.

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