Virco carton size - Will it fit

smalltownJune 25, 2002

I've decided to get the Virco BBQ grill instead of the Member's Mark, notwithstanding (or maybe becasue of!) CGE's remarks.

The nearest Costco is an hour away, so does anyone know if it will fit in the back of a Jeep Grand Cherokee, or should I rent a trailer? If it is preassembled I might have a problem, but if it isn't, or if it's in several carton's, I think it should fit. Don't suppose anyone knows the carton dimensions? I can't call Costco because they are still on back order, but I need to be there as soon as they arrive before they sell out.



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This was posted here before. Both the box & actual item measurements. It is already assembled except for the side shelf & handlebar. If I remember correctly - the width of the box was 47-48 inches. It fit in my van with an inch to spare on the sides. Unless someone chimes in - perhaps you can do a search here.

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that's right, it comes pre-assembled ( a huge advantage in my opinion... it took me 4-6 hours and lots of scraped knuckles to assemble my Broilmaster 9 years ago. Not to mention the vocabulary my kids learned during the process!). The dimensions of the box were about 48"x 48"x26". Don't know if that will fit your car or not, but it sure wouldn't fit my Volvo station wagon! I found a buddy with a F-150 4 door pickup to go over with me.

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I purchased a virco last week. The dimensions are 48" x 48" x 26". It would definitely NOT fit in my Ford Explorer or your Jeep. It barely fit in the cargo van I borrowed. I had to lay it down on its back to fit. Your best bet is to find a pickup.

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A small pickup would work. I have an S-10 and I was able to get one in turned flat against the cab and another in perpendicular to that. See the pic at this link.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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If you lay it down on its back, you might want to push on the cardboard a bit to determine just which side is the back. When I transported mine, I couldn't tell from the outside which was the back. As it turned out, it was resting on the gas knobs. I went slowly and it was only about 3 miles, and the cardboard protected the knobs from any abrasion, so no damage was done, but if I'd known I would have laid it down on the other side, which looks like it can take a lot more weight. Of course, the best position is upright on its original heavy cardboard support pallet, but it was a lot easier to load into my pickup on its "back".

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Many people removed the carton to get it in their vehicle. The cardboard packing around the unit was fairly substantial.. 8"? Maybe someone with the "actual" measurements can toss those out again. Then just bring some pads/blankets to protect it?

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That's a thought, but I figured the cardboard would protect against damage, movement, etc.

I still have the box and packing materials... I guess I could try to simulate a full box and measure it. But 48x48x26 sounds about right. The box on its "back" fit neatly between the wheel wells of my full size pickup (which are a little over 48" apart).

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It fit in my van just fine. A Town & Country. DH had to get in the car & push it out with his feet while I stablized it. It certainly was a bit of a project to get this out of the car & into the location. The box said 400 pounds but I think that's impossible or we'd never be able to move it at all.

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I have a Honda Odssey and it barely fit. I folded down the third row seat and was able to push it in until it hit the brackets that the third row seat attaches to. Was extending maybe about a foot out the back but that was enough to get it home. I believe that the actual dimensions of the box are more along the lines of 47" X 46" X 26". There is a base to it on the bottom of the box that sticks out about 5" or 6". You can try ripping those off to maybe save another 3 or 4 inches (the wheels of the grill protrude out thats why you dont save the entire space).

I don't think you can fit it into an SUV unless you have something like a Suburban.

Good luck.

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Thanks for all the replies. I won't even try to fit it in the Jeep then; I'll just plan on using a flat bed trailer. Guess I don't have to worry about rain...sure will be great having all stainless steel grill! Now I just have to wait for them to come in and hopefully get to the store in time.


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Thanks for the info too.

It fit perfectly on my Odyssey too, I was going to borrow a truck but thanks to your tip I did not.

In case you are wondering, Aloha, OR Costco just got a truckload, they had about 8 plus the display. Well make that 7 plus display now.

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