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artnewbJune 24, 2012

Can anyone help with some more info on the picture? I was wondering what those chinese characters mean?

A few more close ups..........ät=ch002.jpg

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It's not Chinese, it's Japanese. I do not read Kanji, in which most of the calligraphy is written, and it's characters are shared (albeit not always with the same meanings) with Chinese, but the writing in the lower right bottom corner has one line in white, which is written in hiragana, which I do read. It says Uchida. Uchida is an art company in Japan who releases wood block prints. This has some modest value. Look up Uchida on ebay and see some similar items.

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I have it nailed. I was browsing the Uchida art sight, and here is your picture. The original was designed by Gizan Izuno. The calligraphy translated says "fishing alone, cold freezing river" I've enclosed a link below so you can see where I found it. Similar prints by Izuno were selling for about $125 if directly ordered from Uchida.

Here is a link that might be useful: Uchida Art

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Thank you calliope, your assistance is appreciated!

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