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jottmanJune 28, 2002

Has anyone seen/used this grill? If so, what do you think of it? Wal-mart sells it for $289. Here is a link to it. What are your opinions of it?


thanks, j.o.

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The grill looks very much like the Kenmore Elite grills (made by Grand Hall) that sell for much more. The Members Mark grills at Sam's Club are manufactured by Grand Hall too, and since Sams Club is owned by Walmart, I have an even stronger feeling that this one may be manufactured by Grand Hall as well. If so, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase it.

For $289 it looks like a real bargain!!!


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Wow. I've done alot of looking in the under $400 range and this one looks like great bargain. I wish I had known about this one before! I could do without their cheezy stickers, but that would not deter me at $289 for a partially stainless grill. I would definately give this grill some serious consideration at that price! The Sears Grills are also 40k btu cast iron burners, and yes it looks very much like Kenmore elite, so I'm betting it is made by the same people (Grand Hall), but for less than half the price!

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Actually, the company who owns Uniflame is BlueRhino. But, I don't know if they have a deal with some other company to make the grill. I have never heard of the brand before. I checked out the grill personally and it looked pretty good. But then again, this is my 1st time looking at grills to purchase. j.o.

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If you check out the grill again, look at the regulator. I was at a local chainstore here in Salt Lake called "Shopko" and they had a new grill by Charbroil that had a great deal of SS. I looked at the regulator, just by chance, and noticed it said "Grand Hall" on it. I have to assume they are making this one too. I sure couldn't see them just selling Charbroil the regulator!

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I purchased one of these from Walmart in South Haven Michigan on June 25th for my cottage on Lake Michigan. I am very pleased with it so far. A few notes, the side of the grill cracked, I think due to heat. I have not fixed it yet, it doesn't cause any problems. Also, it gets pretty windy off Lake Michigan and the wind is a problem. It is not sealed very well. Other than those two items, I am happy with it. It is very durable, very well built, solid, and cooked great. For the money, I think it is the best stainless grill on the market. Although, I am shopping for a stainless steel grill for my permanant home and have ruled out this grill. I want to get something larger like the one from Cosco or the Members Mark. I think I am going to go with the Cosco for $799.

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Uniflame is definitely owned by blue rhino. Check out their website (not too impressive). They are mainly in the parasol heater business.

Lots of companies buy parts/components from other grill companies, so it's not all that surprising that the regulator on a charbroil says Grand Hall. Don't think that means Grand Hall ownes Charbroil, though. A quick look at their website says they are owned by W.C. Bradley.

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On the few reviews that I have found, this uniflame grill seems to be a good value for the money. It is owned and manufactured by Blue Rhino. Uniflame is a subsidary company. Granted, you get what you pay for, but is appears to be a strong competitor in the stainless steel market. More money is not always a better product. Sometimes it's just "packaged" better!

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