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johnjohnnyJune 26, 2002

I just purchased a Virco VII grill. I'm wondering if the heat distribution on the grill works correctly. They have two pieces of stainless over each burner with a large hole in each. The hole is towards the back of the grill. This gives off tremendous heat directly above where the hole is and hardly any heat to the remaining 50% of the grill. My question is this; Does this sound correct, or does this grill have a problem?

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I have the same question. I bought the Virco grill from Costco, and love everything about it except....there are three flame tamers, each of which have a large hole in the back section of each. Most of the heat appears to come out of these holes, and food cooks more quickly over these holes than on other sections of the grilling surface.

Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a way to remedy this situation? Most grills use flame tamers, so perhaps this is a common problem?


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Haven't noticed this at all. And I have one plate over each burner - not 2. Do you have yellow flames or nice low blue ones.

All my stuff comes out perfectly even. Wings, Shrimp, etc.

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So far I've just grilled single boneless rib eye steaks, and roasted a chicken on the rotisserie. The chicken came out great, as did the steaks. I haven't really noticed uneven heating on the steak, but it's a thick one it's about the same size has the flame tamer hole, which I place it right above. I have noticed some warping of the stainless grill's three central rods. I don't know if this is related to the welded notch in that grill or the heat. I may switch around to another grill without the notch to see if it happens to that one as well.

Once the grill heats up the flame tamers take on a red glow, so I'm thinking that the heat will even out if it's uneven at first.

I *suppose* that if one really wanted to, one could find a porcelain grate to replace the flame tamers, and put readily available ceramic briquettes on that, leaving enough space for air circulation of course. The Virco manual however says don't add briquettes to the grill, or it will block the air and maybe damage the grill... so I don't know. I think I need to throw a party and grill up a bunch of burgers to check on the eveness of the heat distribution.

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Meagain and Rich,

Thanks for responding. I've only used the grill several times, so I'll have to experiment. I didn't preheat it very long, which could be the issue.

Rich, I believe that what you say is probably true. If the flame tamers reach a red glow, then the entire grill will probably cook evenly. I'll preheat longer.

Meagain, I have one plate over each burner, and the flames are a nice, even blue.

In any case, I love the grill and will just have to experiment a little more. I can't wait to use the rotisserie.

On a side note, my next door neighbor stopped by the other night as I was grilling and couldn't believe I spent $5,000 on one of those high end stainless steel grills. I laughed. When I told him how much I paid, he was amazed. He simply refused to believe it.


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Tony - :)

Yes - try preheating it. Maybe that's the culprit. I've cranked all 3 burners on high for a few minutes before cooking anything. But like I said - even small things like shrimp have been even. And since May, when I was the first to post about this grill - your's is the only post I've seen that related a problem with even cooking.

Please report back & tell us how it goes.

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Do you have any other comments on your VII? I've been looking for one, but haven't seen it in person.


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Try this for the small Virco. I guess it is not bad for $400.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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does anyone have info on where to get replacement parts for these? i have had mine for years & needs the burners & plates replaced.....


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I purchased this grill in May 01. Now it is time for burner replacement and Virco Associates (Nexgrill Industries) are of no help. The grill does not show up in their inventory parts list. Has anyone found a supplier for burner parts?

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I have lost my owners manual to my Costco "The Classic" Virco grill and need a couple replacement parts. Anyone know of the website for them or could someone fax me a copy of the parts page and page with the contact info of where to call for parts???

Thank you!
(503)738-9506 fax

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They have parts for Costco grills at

Here is a link that might be useful: gas grill parts

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Has anyone had any luck finding replacememnt parts for this grill. I need to replace the valves in mine. I looked at the costco link but no help there.

Help me please :):)


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