msmagooJanuary 3, 2006

Has anyone used this? My doctor put me on a skin health regimen that included a 10.5% glycolic acid and something called retrinal. I will say that my skin has better texture & less wrinkles. She said my next step is Retin-A and although I had no reaction with the other cream that I would have redness & peeling in the beginning with the Retin-A. I've been scared to try it because of that, has anyone used it, what reactions did you have?

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Yes. I use Retin-A all the time. Retrinal must be a mild version. I never had any redness, though I did have some peeling. It will subside. Make sure you are getting the mildest % and in a formulation called Retin-A Micro.. Don't use it in thin skinned areas like those close to the eyes. And don't use any kind of face scrub either, you will remove skin.

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I have used it too. I could not get over the redness and peeling and burning, but my mom uses it all the time and loves it, she says you just have to stick with it. Dont go in the sun.

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My mom used retin-A for years b/c she had adult acne. She said for the first couple of weeks it made her skin dry & somewhat flaky, but after that the dryness went away. It kept her from having breakouts & it wrinkles. Most people think she's my sister & I'm her youngest daughter! What an esteem booster for me!!!j/j She just made 50 & I just hit 27 so I'd say it made a difference for her. Go for it! Dana

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I used it when I was younger but couldn't tolerate it. It made my skin really dry and flaky and tight. I looked like a lizard.

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It will make your skin peel when you first start using it. You must continue through using a good moisturizer and an exfoliating moisturizer (like one with glycolic acid) to deal with the dry peelies. Once that passes, your skin will be smooth and renewed. I don't know what I'd do without my retin-A, especially in the winter when my skin gets dry. It pulls those dry layers off without scrubbing your face.

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I can't use any form of acids/retinol - including even basic lactic or Vitamin C. I have always had very dry, dehydrated, thin skin and suffer from rosacea - colouring is VPPP. Not the best candidate - would have given me a lizardy, permanent sunburn look.

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RetinA is too aggressive for some people and makes skin very sensitive. Indeed it does dry your skin and more sensitive to the sun. There are products that have retinol which is a milder form of retinA and a form of vitamin A. I've listened to several dermatologists instruct how to use retinA and they recommend using it every other day or less, at night, and AHA on off nights. They recommend mixing it with some form of moisturizer and very, very small amount of retin A. Use a moisturizer each morning. It does cause skin to peel and be more sensitive, although the peeling is usually very, very fine, barely noticeable on some people, helps to force skin to accelerate replacement to keep it more youthful. Always use sunscreen as high as you can tolerate, STAY OUT OF THE SUN. If you start using Retinol and AHAs when you are young you may never have to use retin A. All skin is different and if your skin is very sensitive, seek the help of a dermatologist who works with an esthetician for vain people (many prefer to treat diseases) to direct you to products that are more beneficial for you, you'll save money in the longrun.

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Retin A shouldn't be used by women who are pregnant, or considering becoming pregnant. It can cause birth defects (ones caused by excessive amounts of Vitamin A, including derivatives) such as cleft lip/palate.

I use Retin A in conjuction with the Obagi system (which also utilizes a combination of AHA---to release the bonds between dead and new skin cells--- and hydroquinone--for fading discoloration). The first 6 months my skin did look rough...dry, peeling, etc. Once all of the sun damage, etc, had peeled away, my skin was firmer, and had fewer superficial wrinkles. I now maintain its condition by using Obagi 2X a week.

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I just started using it three weeks ago. the texture of my skin has changed for the better. its soft and smooth and "shiny".

i put it on at night before bed. its the .05% cream. i use CeraVe moisturizing cream right on top of the retin-a (you can get it at CVS or walgreens). i apply at least two coats of the Cerave. i have not had a problem with dryness or peeling.

in the morning i use a little cerave cleanser mixed with a little sugar/honey exfoliator i got at walmart. after rinsing i apply as much of the cerave moisturizer as needed to make my skin feel hydrated. i often will reapply it during the day.

i dont have wrinkles and i'm only 42. most guess my age somewhere in early 30's but i started this because i dont want to wear foundation in the summer and figured this would even my complexion. i'm happy with the results so far. One more bit of advice: there have been a couple of nights i've skipped applying the retin-a. be sure to listen to your own instincts and body. i skipped b/c i felt it was too much too fast (this was in the first week or so).

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I have used Retin A or Renova for about twelve years now.

I only use it about three times a week, however.

The main problem is they are serious about not getting out in the sun--and I love to walk and garden. Direct sun, even with high SPF protection, causes large brown spots--melasma--to appear and then it takes a year or to to fade or treat them. I decided this summer just not to use Retin A and just yesterday got a new tube that I will wear this winter when I'm outside less.

I think it's the best thing I've done to keep my skin smooth, reduce pores size, and to prevent deep wrinkles from developing.

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