Need recommendations for a new condo patio grill

californiaplayaJune 1, 2008

I just finished updating my patio and its time for a lp grill. Never owner one before, only charcoal. I am in a condo and the patio is fairly small. Also, I usually only cook for myself and sometimes one or two others, so I don't need anything large. And it would probably be used once or twice a week at the most. All I want is a decent grill at a decent price.

I like the look of stainless, but can do without it since most if not all grills within the price I'm looking for are cheap stainless anyway. I had it narrowed down to one Kenmore for $200 which seems to get good initial reviews. But don't know how well it would hold up. But, everyone I talk to and everything I've seen online seems to say very good things about Weber.

So, if I do get a Weber, it would be either a Spirit E-210 ($300) or E-310 ($400). Are these decent grills or should I consider something else in this price range or just go with the Kenmore? I want something that is going to last and be mainly problem free for a few years.


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I'm sorry to say that IMHO those cheap grills won't last more than a year or two before the burners, grates and other stuff will rust out. Specially if you're near the ocean. If you don't mind changing the guts every so often, then ok.

Consumer Reports just did a review of grills. I think they liked the Webber. And you should be able to get replacement parts for both fairly easily.

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Two posts to the same guy in minutes has got to be a record. Answered your 3 or 4 burner post and thought you were set on a Ducane. Anyway I just bought a Weber Spirit 310 and am learning to cook on it. Its different than my last one as its elements are front to back horizontal tubes whereas my old one (Charbroil lasted about 4 years) had 3 individual ones from right to left.

A great thing they don't mention about this unit is the ease of cleaning. Of course they talk about the grease pan that you can use aluminum pans in but they don't talk about the fact that the WHOLE BOTTOM of the grill slides out for cleaning. No wonder there's no flare ups. No more removing grates and working around burners to clean the drippings that got stuck.

Check my post to your 3or4 burner question for other answers.

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I can't recommend but I just wanted to say I too am looking at the Weber Spirits.

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