Smoking on a Virco

bsbbqJune 17, 2002

Don't let anyone tell you this can't be done! I did it this weekend and everything came out awesome. I smoked a pork butt roast, a whole chicken, a pack of country style pork ribs and two packs of hot italian sausage. For those who say the flavor of a gas grill is not as good as wood or charcoal smoking, I would have to disagree. I was able to slow, indirect cook these items with the use of a couple of smoker boxes from Lowe's over the lit burner. I used the left burner only. I removed the cooking grid and placed one cast iron smoker box from Lowe's in the middle of the SS flame tamer plate. These took a little getting used to. Here is the problem. Cast iron retains heat very well and once these boxes got hot enough to burn the wood, it seemed that they were burning quickly rather than smoking. I had read in serveral places about people using a foil envelope or pouch to put their chips in. I tried this and it worked very good. I got good smoke for about 20 minutes. The cast iron boxes have about 6 or 9 slots in the lid that are about 1/4" by 1-1/2" or so. I felt that the wood was getting too much air through these slots, so I wrapped the top of the smoker box in foil and then used my bbq fork to poke two times (a total of 4 holes) throught the top of the foil through the slots. This worked VERY good. I was getting as much smoke as I wanted. With the one burner I was able to maintain about 250 to 275 F. easily and this was perfect to get the wood smoking good. Like I said, I have two of these boxes, so I would rotate them about every hour and a half or so. The boxes held more wood than the foil pouch I had experimented with so I was able to get about 1 hour of smoke from the cast iron boxes. I used a combination of hickory and apple wood. An excellent combination. Next time I will try some mesquite and see how that does. I also used a marinade for the pork roast made by Stubb's. It is actually from Texas, but there is some stores here in Utah that sell it. They have a complete line of BBQ sauce, "mopping sauce" and marinades. This was the pork marinade and I let it soak all night. I got the roast going about 10:00 the next morning and cooked it indirectly for about 6 hours. Then I wrapped it in foil to lock in the moisture and cooked it another 2 hours or so, until it was about 180 inside. Man was that good! Sliced it up and pulled the rest for sandwiches the next day. The chicken came out equally as good. I injected it with a lemon pepper marinade and let it soak in that all night as well. Let it cook indirectly until it was about 170 inside. The country style pork ribs soaked in Teriaki all night and I put them on at about 2:00. They were done about 6:00. Hot Italian sausage went on about 3:30 and was done about 6:00 also. Near the end I cranked the same burner up to high and roasted some ears of corn wrapped on foil for about 15 minutes turning often. They came out nice and crispy and juicy. Just thought I would share this everyone as it was more of an experiment and I was very plesed with the results. Most people don't often have this much time to cook, (that is why we buy grills instead of smokers) but it is nice to know that you can do both if you have the time. Good luck to all & happy grilling (or smoking!). bsbbq

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thank you, I will be trying this very soon and I will let you know.

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