Feed back on 30" Bluestar Cooktop

homepro01January 11, 2014

I am interested in reviews from current or past owners of the Bluestar cooktop. The local showrooms only have the 36" RNB ranges hooked up. I did play with the burners and made a stir fry noodle recipe that was really wonderful.
I am replacing a 48" Dacor range-top with sealed burners. The Dacor is a 6 burner unit. I have never used more than 3 burners at one time. I will also be getting a 15" Miele Induction combi unit to go with the cooktop.

I live in an area where we have suffered sustained power loses and my Honda Generator will not run an induction cooktop. That is the reason that I am getting gas and induction. I could not find a15" or even 24" single burner gas cooktop that was an open burner, I think Viking has a wok burner but it is for external use.

I looked at the 24" or 30" Bluestar range-top but the $1500 price difference from the cooktop gave me pause. For the price of a Bluestar 24" range-top ($2899), I could have a 30" cooktop ($1499)and a Miele induction unit ($1219) with a little change to purchase the wok ring($100) for the cooktop.

Apart from having to use the wok ring on the cooktop and a little more involved cleaning process, am I missing something? With the 30" cooktop, I have two 22k burners which is more than sufficient for my needs. I cook daily and 95% of the food I eat is prepared from base ingredients by me. The cooktop will be used for stir fries, curries, soups, raising beef, risotto and many other meals that I make regularly. I don't fry a lot anymore mainly because of the cost of oil.

Thanks for your help!

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I have had the 30" cooktop with the original configuration for a little over two years.
I really like this cooktop: rapid heat and can light it with a match during power failures.
I use a flat-bottomed wok (because I had it before I got gas) and it works fine. Can't comment on rounded woks and wok rings.

Some negatives (but OK by me):
Need to clean in the dishwasher (I'm a very messy cook), as opposed to cleaning an even surface.But it comes apart easily, and the drip plates are very easy to clean.
Handles that are soldered, as opposed to riveted/screwed, on pots may loosen during high heat cooking.
There is no lip where the cooktop frame meets the countertop. That means that debris could fall between the cooktop and the countertop. For me, that's not a big issue since my previous range with a lip still collected debris. At least I can use a toothpick to clean out the gap.
The simmer burner at the lowest setting is too hot to cook rice or dried beans, but I use a separate metal plate to cover the burner. That works fine. While the flame can be adjusted, I never bothered to do so.


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I also own this cooktop. I'm happy with it.

It is a pain to clean sometimes and you have to realign the ignitors. Also, the simmer is a little high so that may be an issue with soups. But, you can use induction for that.

I have a full size Chef King Griddle to use over the entire cooktop.

I did have an issue ordering. I had to wait more than four weeks longer than I should have to receive it. Production shut down and Bluestar wasn't good with communications. The screws stick out further than the cut out dimensions the factory provided to the granite fabricator. The screws were shaved though and everything worked out in the end.

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Canishel and Sreedesq,
Thanks so much for your feedback. I am a neat nik but don't mind doing the cleaning. I like the fact that it can be lit with a match also. Sad to hear that the simmer burner is a little high. I will at least have the induction for simmering. What adjustment is there to the simmer burner?

How is the wok cooking? I have flat and round bottomed woks and will continue to use both.

I may have to get a griddle. Everyone seems to love them. I have one with the Dacor now but don't use it except when I make bulgogi. How is it for pancakes? The one that came with the Dacor was very uneven with the heat.

The only thing I wish Bluestar would do on the cooktop is offer an option for colored knobs! I want yellow knobs for some unknown reason!!!


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Re: burner adjustment
The instructions refer to air shutter and low flame adjustments. I don't know whether either adjustment affects the heat. I haven't been sufficiently interested to find out.
Bluestone customer service was very helpful during installation, so they may be able to tell you.

Re: wok cooking
I have two thin carbon steel flat bottomed woks. They heat up fast, and food gets that nice brown edge without overcooking the core.
The flames "lick" the outside of the pan.
Don't know what else to say; I'm not an expert.

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Thanks Canishel. I wanted to know if the food got really hot everywhere. I tested a wok with a fried egg at the store for when you make pad thai and fried rice. The egg came out soft but with the brown bits. I think this is the cooktop!!

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I don't have the cook top, but do have the range top, one of the things people like, at least in some cases, about the range top compared to the cook top is the placement of the knobs. On the range top they are on the front, on the cook top they are up on the cooking surface level.

Each person has their own preference with this, just wanted to point that out as another thing that is different between the two, along with all of the other things which are more obvious and have been talked about already it seems.

The advantage of having them on the front face is that you get the full (almost) width of the cooking surface for both the burners and for pans. You aren't losing any of that cooking area to knobs.

Best of luck,

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Philwojo99 caused me to slap my head. I have the rangetop, not the cooktop. I agree that having knobs on the front face are a good idea, unless you have little ones.

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Thanks Philwojo! I do have little ones that spend a lot of time with me. I went to the store today and placed the pans I was most concerned about on the cooktop and range top. The pans overhung about the same amount on both units.

Thanks for the update.


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I have the cooktop. The knobs don't bother me. Griddle works fine for pancakes, just have to watch the heat.

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