I need to find a good mascara

lsouderJanuary 21, 2007

Please help. I need to find a good masacara that comes off with water. I used Mary Kay's Flawless mascara for years and loved it. It looked natural. It came off with water only - no need to scrub my eyes with soap or use makeup removers. And, it rarely smudged. If it did, a moistened kleenex took care of the problem. Mary Kay has discontinued it. Now, I am having trouble finding a mascara that I like. Every brand I have tried, including the new Mary Kay mascaras, requires soap or makeup remover along with scrubbing my eyes to get it off. And, they smudge. I look like a racoon by 2pm every day. Worse - I can't get it off my face unless I do a whole makeup removal and reapplication during the middle of my business day. Not acceptable. Plus, I want a natural look. I don't want to look like I am wearing false eyelashes. Any suggestions?

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The Body Shop's Super Volume mascara is very nice and natural looking. It is a wet formula, but I haven't had it smudge. When I've accidently gotten it on my skin, it removes easily with a dry q-tip.

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Good old Maybelline Great Lash - (pink & green tube) or if you want/need thicker lashes - Maybelline Volum Express (dk. blue tube). I keep both on hand. I have long lashes, but light in color so I like to use mascara.

Have been using them since I started using masacara 30 yrs. ago. I continually see the Maybelline Great Lash recommended as #1 by make up artists, models, etc. Wash off easily with soap and water. No rubbing, no makeup remover. Best part is they both are very reasonably priced.

I have at times in the past tried the Lancome, Clinque and other "department store" mascaras when I received them in a gift bonus with purchase of cologne. No other mascara has ever been as dependable and consistent as the standby.

Just my $.02.

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I like how Maybelline Great Lash goes on, but it smudges quickly on my face. I personally don't recommend it for that reason.

You might try looking at www.cosmeticcop.com for some reviews.


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Great Lash is great, but it's not easy to wash off. Estee Lauder's MagnaScopic is wonderful - thickens and lengthens and washes right off with a regular face washing. But I wanted something that didn't wash off easy for the winter vacations so I'm trying Maybelline's XXL. It's a little goofy - it has a white side and a regular side - you put on the white stuff first for thickening. Its gimmicky but I gotta say it works well. Just doesn't wash off very well. I'll keep my MagnaScopic as my fave for now.

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To me, Great Lash is the worst mascara ever. I've read so much hype about it, and I don't understand why. It's way too wet, so it smudges very easily. Since that's something you're trying to eliminate, I would definitely avoid Great Lash.
For details & opinions on lots of brands, I recommend checking out www.makeupalley.com

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I've always heard such big raves about Great Lash (pink and green tube).

The stuff is all under my eyes by noon. I look like I've got two black eyes. It smudges so bad on me.

I really do love Estee Lauder Magna Scopic though. It's worth the xtra money.

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If you use oily foundation or eye shadow, or have oily skin, your mascara may smudge more than other folks. And of course if you put mascara on your lower lashes as well.

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