Boxed Hair Color Question

carla35January 8, 2007

I have a question for those of you that color your hair at home with boxed hair color. How often do you do it? Are there any dangers in doing it too often?

I'm just wondering what the normal time period between dye jobs is. Thanks.

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I use that hair touch-up stuff that you just leave on 10 minutes and is only for where you part your hair. Says to do it every three weeks, but I do it once every two months or so.

However, my sister used to dye her hair every 4 to 6 weeks, religiously. She had done this for probably 25 years. She even dyed it a few days before chemo. That was a big mistake, as her scalp started to hurt soon afterward. I never understood why she did this, as she was aware that she would lose all of her hair very soon.

When her hair finally grew in after the cancer treatments, it was totally gray, but she never dyed it again. However, had she lived I know that she would have.

Are there any dangers in doing it too often? Some say yes, other say no. Personally, I think that there is more danger working in one of the nail salons. Some are so toxic you can smell them from the sidewalk.

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The only dangers of doing it too often are the damage they can do to your hair.
If you are going blonde,only use it once a month,and ONLY on the new growth.Blonde hair dyes do the most damage,so you will not want to put it all over you head everytime you use it.

NON-permanate hair dyes like NATURAL INSTINCTS are much easier on your hair.

Also,sometimes the color doesnt turn out exactly how it looks on the box.So always stay between 2 shades of your current color.Any big changes,get help before going further.(they have a website and a hotline and you can ask them if the color will work on your current color before changing it)

If you can find a beauty supply store (like a SALLY'S) anywhere near you,and are intrested in using box color,I highly reccomend getting something that a hairstylist told me about years ago which will help keep hair healthy when dyeing.

It's called a PROTEIN FILLER. They have clear and colored kinds. You add a few ounces to hair dye and it really helps protects hair when coloring.

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I color mine when I feel like I see too much gray. On average about every 6-8 weeks.

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I would dye my hair a different color every day if I could!

But I wait for at least 1/4" growth, so about 4-6 weeks. I use permanent color every time, because I tend to change the color every time. And it's pretty different from my natural color. Of course, I've been dying my hair for about 15 years, so what my natural color is any more is anyone's guess. It used to be mousey medium brown. I dye it pretty much every shade of red. Right now it's the darkest deepest red I could find and I love it. Haven't used that color before and will keep it for a long time I think. Since I'll be using the same color, I'll do the "touch up" application instead of allover application. It's much more gentle on the hair than repeated allover applications.

I've found that my hair handles color very well, but highlighting it causes a lot of damage. So now I'm not highlighting it anymore. It IS bleach, after all.

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I've colored my hair once every two months for 35 years. I always use a product that says "no ammonia". I haven't had any problems and my hair is healthy and shiny. And, I don't do the "touch up" part...I do my whole head...always have, and have had no problems. I also use a permanent color..I've tried using semi-permanent kinds, but they wash out too quickly..and I was coloring more often.

If you want to's like everything else in life, trial and error, until you find what works best for you.
Good luck!

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I dont think there is any problem with dying your hair often I change my haircolor atleast once every two weeks but you have to be careful what kind of color you use and if you are just touching up your roots only do your roots for half the time then make your hair damp and pull the color through to your ends this will keep you from having "hot roots" or lines of demarkation. As for is it dangerous to your health I do know a hairdresser who died of cancer and they think that it was due to her messing with color all the time and not wearing gloves but as a hairdresser myself I know that we mess with color alot more then once a month.

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I want to have the same hair color as Reese Witherspoon, which boxed hair color would you reccomend? I have golden brown hair right now. Thanks.

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Reese Weatherspoon has had several shades of blonde with 2 or 3 colors mixed in. Boxed color won't do it, try a salon and bring a picture. HTH

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I touch up my roots every 8 weeks or so. I am naturally dark mousy blonde, with a little gray, and dye it a slightly lighter shade of blonde. So the new growth is not too obvious - if you use a color much different than your natural color, though, I think you would have to touch up every 4 - 6 weeks.

I also love the multishade look (not as light as Reese though), so I add highlights on top of the base color. Sometimes lowlights if I have gone too light with the base color. Just need something to break up the uniform color!

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I do mine by season. My hair is a dark blonde/light brown color- best that I remember :)
Summer is all over blonde highlights, fall is a medium brown with golden highlights, winter is a chestnut brown color, come spring I start adding highlights gradually.

I do my hair about every 6 weeks and the highlighting is the most damaging by far.
My mother has used the same shade of red for the last 15 years or so but she does hers every 3 weeks due to covering the gray.

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How does one do highlights and lowlights at home ?
thanks, salbwil

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I use a highlighting cap. Many professional colorists scoff at it and say that foil is the only way to go, but I worry that I wouldn't be able to control the timing correctly with foil. With a cap, I can take my time pulling the strands and apply the color all at once.

You don't get the chunky look with a cap - the effect is more subtle. But that's what I like, anyway.

If you are touching up, then you don't need to pull the entire strand out of the cap - just pull until you have a 1-inch loop.

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Do you do your entire head with a base color first and then do a highlight the next day, or what? Please forgive my ignorance, but our hair is somewhat the same color ( mine is dark , "dirty" blonde , with gray at the top and sides). I've been experimenting with the blonde shampoos and "glazes " , but would like something with a little more color.
Thanks, salbwil

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