Bertazzoni Opinions (Fan & Heat Question)

chris11895January 6, 2010


We're looking at updating our appliances and I am specifically focused on the range. This is for a second home where we spend three months a year and when we do we do some heavy entertaining, and we both also love to cook. Because we're not there all year we really don't want to spend the $$ on a Wolf, Viking, etc. While shopping for appliances I saw the Bertazzoni and admit I fell in love with it's looks. I've read a lot of positive reviews but have read a few things about a fan running while it's cooking and that you can't turn it off? Also that this fan/vent seems to make the kitchen very hot. Does anyone own one of these and can comment on it? Any insight at all would be much appreciated!! Lastly, if anyone has recommendatins for another range in that price point, we'd lve to hear them! Thanks!

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What size are you looking for? I think the Fratelli's are in a similar price point but only available in 36" ... 30" available sometime first half of this year.

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I have a new Bertazzoni and I'm very happy with it. I don't understand why there seems to be misinformation posted about it but I find there is (they do 0 p.r.). Before I purchased I checked with owners here who had the range and were all satisfied, as I am.

This is a basic gas range with good ignition, excellent even heat, excellent simmer (even the highest-output burner has a 2-ring set up). It's elegant, but it's a rock. It's made in Italy so it's not geared to the American market at all, either in styling or the way it operates. No self-clean, f.ex.

It has electric ignition -- you open burners all the way up to light, then turn them down.

The oven has convection -- the fan runs when it's on just like every other convection oven -- which kept the front of the range cool when I cooked my turkey at Thanksgiving. The oven light is excellent. Unlike other ovens, this one does not heat average -- it's very steady. Heats up quickly.

All the oven racks and stovetop racks are very heavy duty.

Two things to know: the lowest oven setting is 275. There's no digital readout for the oven so it requires a good oven thermometer to verify the temperature. Once you set it though, it does that wonderful old-fashioned gas oven thing -- it cooks like a dream. But the dial does not allow for precision.

I was in the same price range and looked at the GE Cafe, Fisher & Paykel and Electrolux. I had issues with each of those. I'd also look at the American Range (good reports), which might be a tick up in price. Some here tout the nxr, a Chinese-made range which wasn't anywhere I looked (cannot imagine what service would be like) while the Berta was sold by all the Wolf and Viking dealers as the quality lower end choice.

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Thanks for the responses! We're looking for a 30". NXR is sold near here as well so we're going to look at those this weekend. Service & Parts is a concern so that's on my list of questions. I was told that the newest Berta, should be on the showroom floor next week, has a built-in thermometer. But I am intrigued that you cooked a turkey in it. Someone else had said you couldn't do that because the oven size is too small. I'm going to look at it in person again because I didnt realize it was that small. Do you have a 30" and do you find the oven size too small? Thanks!

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As I said, there is a LOT of misinformation about the Berta.

I don't find the oven too small for anything I'm going to cook -- 2 chickens, pizza, bread, cakes, cookies, lasagna, leg of lamb etc.

Yes, I have the 30" and I most definitely cooked a turkey in there and it did a fabulous job. The oven also is not 4" off the floor as it is on other ranges, which I especially appreciated when lifting the turkey in and out. It has a storage compartment below.

Most European ranges including those which cost even 10 times the price of the Berta -- Lacanche, La Cornue, Aga -- have European sized ovens which tend to be smaller than ovens geared to the American market. Some are smaller than the Berta's and do not have oven lights (the Berta does) and yet don't get the "oven is too small" rap. Berta is not comparable to high-end pro style ranges. It's a beauty, a European style very basic range, well done.

The pro-style ranges have larger ovens but then you get complaint that it takes too long for them to preheat. Or, you encounter things like the same size oven burner used in a 30" oven and a 36" -- so the bigger range takes even longer to come to temperature or return after the door is open (30% of the heat is lost when the door is open).

My point is that it's not a cheaper version of a Wolf or Bluestar etc., which is what the nxr appeal would be and that range has had good reports here (there's an old thread that's still quite active).

I'd also kick the tires on the American Range. I have looked at it up close several times (drooling a bit) and think it has many attributes in the pro-style column if the price works.

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Thanks so much for your feedback. So it appears you haven't experienced the issue I heard about where the kitchen gets too hot and the fan is blowing hot air on you? Right now that's the only complaint I've seen that would possibly impact my decision.
I honestly am not really into the Wolf & Viking ranges, nor do I know if I need that type of stove. I'm a foodie and I love to cook so I do care about my ovens performance, but I'm almost jaded by all the people I know who have Wolf & Viking and put their takeout bags on top of them every night :-). I actually went to a party once for the sort of "unveiling" of our friends dream home they built from bottom up and they had a HUGE 48" Viking, twin SUB-z's kitchen another Viking outdoor kitchen and I asked the host what was in the salad dressing. Not kidding - she told me I had to swear not to tell anyone she had it catered! There were literally ten guests.... But I digress...
I haven't seen Bluestar in person or American. The place I'm going to this weekend has both and I'll look closely at American (and the price) as that's probably on the highest end I'd be willing to pay. It's funny what you said about Lacanche, etc., I was thinking the same thing - why aren't people complaining about the oven size on those?
I will say it's refreshing to see there are options for the mid-range other than going with the big store brands!

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All convection ovens blow hot air out of the oven! Many stay on afterward to cool the ovens and blow cool air.

Berta has dual control -- not necessary to use the convection at all (another thing never noted). Optional convection might be something to check for.

The issue with convection oven venting and ranges is where the oven vents. It can vent across the top, or somewhere around the door. (Berta vents above the door).

This is more often discussed with wall ovens -- some complain about those fans blowing hot air into the kitchen or that the fans run for a long time after the oven is turned off and they are noisy.

Much less discussed is convection-oven venting on ranges. But it's important if it's a convection-only range. Perhaps that's because vent hoods required for high BTU pro ranges tend to be quite powerful and actually pull the heat up and out. So, a good vent hood should help with that issue.

My pet peeve is fully electronic ovens that vent hot air below the electronic boards -- not so great for the electronics. So where they vent is always something I double-check.

This usually doesn't become an issue until Thanksgiving when the oven is going for hours and someone discovers the control knobs are suddenly scary.

As for the other, having and using are often mutually exclusive when it comes to kitchens. LOL.

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rococogurl - thanks for the response. I'm definitely new to the convection side of the ranges so your feedback helps a lot!

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rococogurl is right on (as always!). We also love our Bertazzoni and I can address the questions you have.

There are actually two fans. There's a fan on the front of the oven that turns on when the oven is turned on, always runs as long as the oven is heating. I find it a nice safety feature as I'll never forget to turn the oven off! There is a convection fan inside the oven that turns on only when you turn on the convection. The really hot part vents out of the back of the oven, where the backsplash is. I can attest personally that that part of the oven does get very hot. :o)

We don't find that the oven makes the kitchen hot. I think overall that this is the best priced and most attractive option with the most features currently on the market (yes, of course I'm biased). We have not tried to cook a turkey yet in ours but yes, I'd say the oven compartment is a little smaller than our old range (A Frigidaire which I hated). Noticable but hasn't restricted us too much. Some of the features mentioned (digital thermometer, self clean) would be nice but can be addressed by either being careful or just getting more into the "art" of cooking.

I did glance at the new models (with the temperature dial) and as I recall the trade off was the storage drawer in the bottom.

Good luck!!

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I'm interested in the Bertazzoni rangetop, 30". Has anyone used one and what are your responses to it? The other rangetop I'm considering is another Dacor. I've had a happy experience with my old Dacor cooktop (gas). I don't do wok cooking so don't really need to fire it up to God. I do appreciate a good simmer though. thanks

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I have the 6-burner drop-in cooktop. I'm very happy with it - I'd previously considered a 5 burner Dacor, but this was better value, and the knobs seem much heftier.

I do use my wok on it (I know you weren't worried about that) and I use the simmer burner, and the inner ring of the high powered burner as well, as I frequently need two things on very low heat at the same time.

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So there is no way of knowing if the Bert has preheated to the desired temp unless an oven thermometer is used? Please clarify. I also was reluctant to buy the 36" range because of the "hot to the touch" complaints and the "hot air blowing on you from the door". However, I do love the way it looks!

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I am renovating my kitchen and like many others have fallen in love with the Bertazzoni. I haven't decided between the 30" or the 36", but so many of the comments I find online are from people who commented just after installing the range. Many of these comments are from 2007, and I am wondering how Berta holds up in the long run and whether the service in the years after installation continues to be good. So I would love to hear from Berta owners who have had these babies for several years and whether they are still happy. Clearly, the range is gorgeous and at the price, difficult to resist, but I am looking for a range that does not require frequent repairs and continues to work well over the years. So if your Bertas are still making you happy several years later, please, please let me know.

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bump - berta owners, are you still happy?

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Love, love, love my Bertazzoni!!!

I shopped around alot - bog box stores, specialty high-end appliance stores, and read countless threads here on GW. Thanks to all those posters and lots of info and pics from Rococogurl - I chose the 30", basic Berta. It cost around $2500.
I ordered it from AusTex appliance.
They have the NXR and the Bertazzoni. They delivered it for free (100 miles from their store) and gave me a discount for paying with a check rather than credit card.

I used to have a Kenmore - for 15 years - and it was terrible. This oven is a dream. It did take a little getting used to how it functions, but with info from previous threads I figured it out.

One thing - the complaints about it heating up your kitchen is so false. In fact, for some reason, when you open the oven I don't get a face full of heat? So dramatically different that when we first hooked it up I thought it wasn't heating up properly and called for a repair. Bertazzoni sent someone out right away. Embarrassingly they checked the temperature and it was right on. I wasn't charged for the needless service call, by the way.

The biggest concern I had was the oven not having self-clean. I could imagine family members having a "told-you-so" look on their face when I had a mess on my hands.
That has turned into the biggest surprise. For some reason everything just wipes right off with a micro-fiber cloth. I mean everything - baked on gunk in the oven, forgotten spills and overflow on the top. Also, I love having it up off the floor and being able to vacuum crumbs and dust from under it easily.
I have only had my oven for a couple months but would buy it again in a heart-beat.
I do not have the fancier one that Rococogurl has. Mine does not have the lower drawer nor the silver knobs. Mine are black. I do love the look of mine.

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LOVE everything about my Berta except that it is not self cleaning. We have Gagg double wall ovens and I never used the gas oven on Berta much until the electronics fried on the Gaggs.

Berta definitely does not offer the same sort of precision setting and control as an electric wall oven, but it is a great range that looks fantastic while working reliably.

Def a great value for the money!

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Still happy. No issues or changes. Haven't found the cleaning quite as easy as cella describes but it's not so much different than cleaning my Miele wall oven with perfect clean. But I'm done with self-clean.

Echo hollishenry on the difference between high performance precision and response of an electric wall oven I experience with my Miele. Gas ovens are a different animal. Berta doesn't have the range or responsiveness but is very, very steady. No cycling. Holds the set temp like a charm.

Top works wonderfully. I had my cast iron griddle over two burners to do fried eggs and got great control. I have a simmer video somewhere which I'll be happy to put up against much more expensive burners.

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Hello all,
This is a post I just left re: Long-term Berta Owners. I'm only a 2-week owner but have been using it almost 3xs/day every day in almost every way. Designnov has had her/his Berta 3 years and has slight issues with heat. Here was my experience tonight. Note: The fan is very quiet and actually pleasant and until tonight the air was simply room temperature. None of us in my household have noticed any issue with hot air blowing out.
(Begin post)
Just roasted in my oven for 4 hours! I had 4 dishes in there at once--love the wider oven! There was a bit of spattering, so it's officially "broken in".

An interesting development. I went into the kitchen after about 20 minutes and the air was warm--not hot, but not room temp, either. I realized my hood wasn't on. The salespeople at the appliance store said a good habit to get into is to turn the hood on (low) right before cooking. I forgot this time and maybe that was the difference. I turned it on low, left the kitchen for about 5 minutes and really noticed the difference when I came back in. It was that fast.

Designnov, I don't have the most powerful, high-end hood, but it's pretty fancy! If you turn it on low, it's sensor will detect if it needs to go to a higher level and do so automatically. I don't believe my Berta ever gets HOT, or even warm, but I DO believe my hood (Broan, QP3 Series keeps things nice in my tiny (8 x 10) kitchen. The cfms have been sufficient even with all 6 burners going. It has only kicked up to Boost mode once. I paid about $360.
(End post)
Hope this helps. My husband & I loooove this new range AND the hood. I have emailed Bertazzoni and called their Customer Care number a few times before and after purchase (research and some specific questions) and I have been impressed with their quick and helpful responses.

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I've been reading these forums obsessively,especially about the berta oven. I had my heart set on the 30" model, was going to go with the master to save a bit of money, but my remodel plan calls for an over the range microwave. last nite a salesperson told me, no way, you can't have a microwave over this range, the microwave will melt! then, this morning, a different salesperson added up the btu of the unit and said, yeah, you can have a microwave. a bit later on, in a different shop, the salesperson said, well, you can really only put a high-end viking microwave over it as that has additional kevlar and won't melt.

i don't really have a space for a microwave any place else in this kitchen and my counter space is at a minimum.

does anyone who owns a berta have a microwave over it? has anyone else heard that this should not be done? helps!

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Corgibob, thanks again for your info. Its really helpful. This range looks like it is the one for us.

Celinahex - I havent really compared the btus, but the GE Cafe range has similar BTUs, I think, and you can put a microwave over it - there is an over the range microwave in the GE Cafe line. Again, I havent compared the two, but I think they should be similar. Its worth checking out.

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thanks designov, but i'm really set on the bertazzoni.
i did some more research tonite and viking recommends their two over the range microwaves for over their own 30" ovens, which makes me believe they should work over the berta as well (I don't know if what my salesguy was telling me about the 'extra kevlar' or whatever is true, but it might be). STrangely enough, the less expensive viking designer series microwave model is exactly the same as a microwave bertazzoni themselves sell, and that in turn is the same as a microwave that sharp sells. The sad part is that the sharp microwave gets terrible reviews, and especially that the plastic handle melts! I'm stuck all over again...

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I don't understand why your salesperson would say you can't use any decent venting microwave over the Bertazzoni. Maybe he's thinking because it's categorized as a pro-style range, it has more power than it does. The 30" Bertazzoni's total BTU output is only 36,000. The GE Cafe's is 56,000. If a microwave can be used over the GE, it should be fine over the Berta.

By the way, the recommendation is to have 10 to 15 cfm (cubic feet per minute) of air evacuation ability in your vent blower per 1000 BTU's of range power, so you'd need 360 - 540 cfm to vent your Bertazzoni properly. A number of venting microwaves, even a Kenmore, offer a 600cfm blower. I'd say the important thing is to get a decent cfm capacity. The over-the-range microwave Bertazzoni makes is designed for use with their stoves, but it only has 300cfm. I think they're figuring you're never going to have all the burners on at full blast at once, but I'd still aim for a 400 - 600 cfm model microwave to be on the safe side.

Bertazzoni owners: I'm helping my Mom decide whether to get a 30" Bertazzoni. Our only worry is the tininess of the oven. At 2.9 cubic feet, it's SO small. Any comments on that would be of great help to us. Also, how inconvenient is it to use a separate oven thermometer if we go with one of the models that don't have a temperature gauge?

Thank you.

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PS @ Celinahex again: Look up the GardenWeb thread called "Bertazzoni Thread #3". If you scroll down you'll see a picture of a Bertazzoni one of our fellow Gardenwebbers has installed with a non-Viking microwave over it.

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I am a brand new Bertazzoni owner and went looking on the internet for questions on the fan. The cooling fan is so loud you can hear it all over the house. There is no discernable difference between the cooling fan and the convection fan in noise or air volume. I see posts about how quiet the fan is and I wonder if I should call service already.

This is a 30 in dual fuel with self-cleaning oven.

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Hi! I originally started this thread and now own an all gas 36" master series. Our fan is not loud, but I have no idea if dual fuel would be different? I can't imagine why it would be. By "all over the house" do you mean you can hear it upstairs or in the next room? Is it louder than your range hood? I'd probably call service, to make sure there is nothing wrong with it.

Nabq: what type of cooking does your Mother typically do? Has she looked at the Bertazzoni oven size or are you doing the research for her? Make sure you bring your most commonly used pan to the dealer and see how it fits before you buy one.
Ours is in our summer place on Cape Cod and I have no complaints given the way I cook when we're there. However, at our main home I roast a ton all winter. I roast a 10lb chicken once a week, and I once did this on the Cape and noticed I couldn't fit another pan in at the same time. It was not the width, but the height. For example, a lot of times I'll roast the chicken and when it has about 20 minutes left I'll throw something else in on the rack below it. This wasn't possible when I tried it with the Berta. However, my solution for this is to get a Breville Smart Oven for down there. I have one in our home now and in addition to it being our toaster, I use it for roasting veggies all of the time. I won't get into to how much I love the Smart Oven :-) Anyhow, that is my experience and my only complaint is with doing my big chickens and something else at the same time :-) but if you don't cook like that it wouldn't be a problem and I otherwise love it.

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Chris - Well it's 1000 sq ft, open plan but I can hear it with the powder room door closed and the den door closed. It is louder than the range hood by a mile. A Wolf (6 burner) owner is not impressed by the noise and declares the Wolf to be louder. I would call the folks that sold it to me but the customer service during the sale was so bad I just really don't want to deal with them.

So I guess I should call Bertazonni for a repair option.

Oh and I had the cabinets set up with a custom shelf etc for my Breville so I'm with you on the versatility of that oven.

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Well I just got off the phone with Bertazzoni service. They claim that their fan is loud and that I might not be used to such a loud fan. They are willing to send service out to look at it but if it is determined that there is nothing wrong I will have to pay for the service call. But that I should be warned that it is just a very loud fan.

So that's how this ends. I'm hoping something really goes wrong with it so that I can get service to hear the fan.

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MaggiM: I've owned a Bertazzoni Professional gas 30" for a week now, and the cooling fan is not loud at all. I wonder if there are any dual fuel Berta owners who can weigh in, if the loud fan is a quirk of the DF version or maybe you truly have a messed up fan. Louder than a vent hood is crazy.

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MaggiM: Hopefully another dual-fuel owner will chime in but I also agree this sounds like something is wrong. I'd take the chance on the appliance repair. It's a shame you're not happy with your purchase so I'd want to see if it can be fixed.

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Hi just bought a berta 30inch pro series and it is set to be delivered week after next. When I pulled the specs for the install it shows I need the gas line on the right and electric plug on the left
My new kitchen is the opposite. Am wondering if current owners can tell me if this will be an issue? The gas line is pretty flexible but is the electric cord short or is it at least 10 inches long??

Much appreciated may need to has electrician back

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Rosie, I would be concerned as to the safety of the electric cord crossing over the gas line. check with the appliance store dealer and/or your gas co.

Celinahex: I was originally planning on getting an otr microwave for my 30" Bertazonni but happily, my plans have changed. There should not be a problem with any of them since they are all made to withstand the heat of a gas range, as per Consumer Reports Kitchen Issue. They also state that higher cfm's do not necessarily translate to better ventilation. A fan should have two speeds and more than three speeds is unnecessary. However, OTR Microwaves and down draft ventilation both lack in perfomance to dedicated vent hoods. That being said, I liked the looks of the Fridgidaire Professional OTR Microwave, it's all silver...has only about 340 cfm's I believe.

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WE just had a 36" Professional series all gas installed today based very much on the info I read here in the last few weeks so thanks to all of you who post here.

MaggieM: The fan in the door is noticeably loud for us given that our previous oven had no such feature. I was quite surprised. It is not louder than our range hood but the two running together makes quite a hum. I'm sure we'll get used to it but there may not be anything wrong with yours.

The surprise was the heat of the cooking surface, especially the area behind the rear burners and the back vent which I found unbelievably hot. I could not put my finger on it for more than a second or two and it would definitely burn if left more than that. Has anyone else experienced this ? I am wondering if we did some wrong when installing the rear backsplash. We can feel air coming from the front of the door but it is not hot so I am wondering if the hot air is not routing correctly and just going up the back or something.

Thanks for any ideas. I don't the range is safe to have in the house if this is normal but I don't want to go through the hassle of returns etc.

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Hello all!
I have been using my 36" Pro Berta for about 2 months and it is still a dream come true! Friends visited this past weekend and while I was away, they were able to use it without issue as well.
Re: Fan. We really don't find the fan to be loud at all. Sure, you can hear it, but it sounds like our (now deceased) OTR micro on it's lowest setting. Our kitchen is quite small, but I have no problem listening to the radio or hearing the tv in the other room. The fan does not overwhelm.
Re: Heat. Yes, the backsplash does get VERY hot. I have not found this to be a problem and only discovered it while trying to clean up spatters while 4 burners and the oven were all going.
P.S. Cleaning has not been any issue. I actually enjoy wiping it down and watching it shine! I just use water and a microfiber cloth before bedtime. (No, I don't always clean up right after the meal!) I also make it a habit to rub a wet cloth around the oven walls/racks once a week whether I've used it or not. I've had a few spills but they came right up with the addition of a little baking soda and everything still looks sparkling new!

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Rosie -
The distance for the gas is very unforgiving. It needed to be within three inches of the hood that covers the connection. I think this might depend on the code for your area. I had to have the gas moved to the exact spot since our code didn't allow any additional hose between the gas value and the stove connector.
I can't speak to the electrical since I had that added and the electrician had the Bertazonni specs when he located the outlet.

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I just installed a dual fuel 30" Pro Bertazzoni (X304PIRX) last week. I am awaiting cupboard installation, but tired of take-out food so I've started using the range already! LOVE the burner selection and simmer; cleaning is a breeze. I had an Electrolux dual fuel before this and find the burners on the Berta definitely superior. However... I just put a bird in the oven to roast and although I don't anticipate the oven size to be an issue, I think the oven fan is! I honestly think it's louder than the VentaHood, and it NEVER shuts off. I thought maybe once the oven had come up to temp, it would turn off, but it runs the whole time the oven is on. I switched over to convection, and quite honestly, I didn't notice any change in the noise from the additional fan. This is a 100 year old house that we took to the studs and now have an open concept on the main floor, so hopefully once the cabinets are in, the sound of the oven fan won't be so noticeable.

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I just ordered the 30" Master Series for our kitchen. We are replacing our existing NG stove. I am starting to get concerned because our existing range hood does not vent out. I ordered the recirculation kit with the Berta range hood. Is it going to be too hot recirculating?

I also noticed that the salesman did not advise to me to order the duct cover and it appears that I should have. We are mounting the hood below our cabinet.

Any suggestions?

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BossaNova - Thank heavens I'm not nuts. I agree with everything you said. I do find the burners superior. I'm actually a cook more than a baker so I'm going to suffer with the oven but love the range.

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I just had a Bertazzoni gas range installed today, and I've already noticed the fan issue. There is a fan that blows from behind the control panel onto the top of the door to keep the door cool. This has nothing to do with the convection. If you're standing in front of the range while the oven is on, hot air blows hot air right at you. I'm thinking this won't be a huge problem, but if you're cooking something that requires attention on the stovetop while the oven is on, it could be. According to the manual, the range pulls 300W while it's operating.

The plug on the electrical cord is a straight-on plug. If your plug is directly behind the range, you won't be able to push the range all the way to the wall.

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I searched for a thread regarding long-term Bertazzoni owners and could no longer find it so I'll post here.
I have now had my Bertazzoni nearly one year (36", 6 burner)! I am very pleased to report that I love it as much as the day I first gushed about it on this thread last spring. The fan is not an issue. It blows a little air, but not overwhelmingly hot or excessive. My kitchen is very small (10' x 8'). If heat were an issue, my tiny space would be a furnace in no time! I often use all 6 burners and am so grateful for each and every one! I still haven't learned how to cook with the convection feature yet. I keep telling myself I'll do it next time, but am nervous. I haven't been as diligent about wiping it down, inside and out, every week lately, but I just find that clean-up takes a little extra elbow grease, that's all. I just use water and a microfiber cloth most of the time. I've used a little spritz of easy-off here and there at other times. It's still gorgeous and I use it 2-3 times every day.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my hood is the Broan, QP3 Series ( which is absolutely fantastic! I have gotten into the habit of turning it on low when ever I'm using a couple of burners or the oven. Maybe it keeps the heat to a minimum? I highly recommend.

As far as the plug goes, I am able to push mine all the way against the wall. I can't remember, but I think mine had a recessed portion in the back that allowed for that. I have it attached to the wall with the brackets so I can't pull it out that easily.

The other thing I love (and never considered before) was having a range with legs. I never need to pull it out. I love being able to vacuum and sweep under it.

I am utterly thrilled almost a year later! Now I need to find a good dishwasher...

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I am glad to read that so many of you love the Berta :)). I love it too - I have it for a month, and I love to cook even more...
Baking however... I was not aware of the cooling fan, that is on when the oven is on - my mistake. It is very hot. Raises the temperature in the kitchen instantly, and very uncomfortable to be around the range.
Is there anything that you can recommend to helpt it?
Thank you!

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A cooling fan is in fact a terrific design attribute. The majority of professional style ranges have cooling fan. Difference is, they also have a control board. This board actives and de-activates the fan at a specified temperature set-point. The fan's purpose is to maintain a suitable temperature so the appliance can be installed with zero-clearance to combustible surfaces (wood). Bertazzoni gas ranges have NO electronics; that is, there is no green board being exposed to high heat that can fail down the road. The cooling fan in a Bertazzoni range will operate when the oven is on. It is a safety certification requirement and as an aside, it prevents a blast of hot in to the user when the oven door is opened.

As for heating up the kitchen, proper ventilation will help remove excess heat and not tax your HVAC system.


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I agree that the Bertazzoni cabinet fan seems like a serious design flaw. Unlike commercial ranges that can't be installed next to cabinets, my 48" Bertazzoni (six burners/griddle/double ovens) must remove the heat from the range cabinet since it has wood cabinets installed on both sides of it.

So where do they dump the heat? Out the top (backsplash) riser and from ducts above both oven doors. It should be 75% out the top riser and 25% firing onto your thighs when you're cooking; instead, it seems just about the reverse of that. Most of the oven heat is getting blasted right at your legs (or crotch, if you're shorter).

This does appear, to me anyway, to be a design flaw. We have had our Bertazzoni about five years, and this "automatic instant kitchen heater" aspect of using our Bertazzoni ovens, is a real bummer.

Our custom-fabricated, commercial-style stainless steel hood liner (shown) uses a remote Fan-Tech 1000 cfm roof fan and silencer, so the heat removal from the top is superb.

But when the vent hood is cranked up to high, we have to crack a kitchen window for make-up air> So when using the ovens in the summer (like now) we are pulling 500-1000 cfm of hot outside air in through the kitchen. The Bertazzoni "leg-cooker" fans are not a nice design, any way you look at it.

I love the Bertazzoni burners for cooking; I like the electric griddle (it has always been just so-so). But I do hate using the ovens because of the 'heat-dump' fan -- and yes, it does remain on when the ovens are on, whether cooking on regular or convection setting. If you live in a cool or cold climate, this is not an issue.

As an engineer, I consider it a real design flaw in an otherwise flawless appliance.

Overall, however, I would keep 'Bertha'; we love the appliance for daily cooking and everyone that sees it, loves the beautiful design.

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Just moved into a house and am a first time Bertazonni owner. Couple of questions:
1. How long do you preheat the oven? Customer service said to preheat for 25 minutes if cooking something at 325 degrees. This seems so ridiculous, but how long do you typically let the oven preheat? This and the fact that it's not self cleaning are my only complaints about the oven.
2. Suggestions for cooking my first turkey in this oven? Will have the turkey stuffed as well.

Any ideas/advice on the oven are greatly appreciated!!

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I don't have any real experience with the Berta -- just messing around with it in the showroom. The oven fan blowing air out the Door top was a deal killer for me. I frequently use mt range top and oven simultaneously. That cold ( and then hot) air blasting my nether regions was distinctly uncomfortable. And I so wanted to love this range! It's a sexy little beast. It looks functional and so chic. Mbut the burners weren't tweaked properly and did a lot of clicking ,and the oven control had to be held on For 30 seconds before the oven kicked on. Plus the lowest heat is really high 275?). And the high heat is kinda low, if you bake a lot (500). Tell me somewhere out there are cooks lof all kinds who make lots of cool things with this range and begin to love that annoying fan that blows and blows and blows.

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Update, 24 August 2014:

We quickly found that the broiler was turning itself off spontaneously (not each time we used it, but often). Got in touch with Bertazzoni via their US site, and immediately got a call from their service firm in our area. Long story short, someone came out pretty much immediately, said it was a bit of debris that was blocking the gas jet (or maybe it was the igniter....I wasn't home, and I don't remember what my husband told me). He cleared it and now the broiler works perfectly, every time.

Original post:

A new Bertazzoni owner weighing in on this string. I have had my 30-inch Pro model, all gas, for a week. I've been cooking up a storm, trying out everything. Here's a point-by-point for anyone thinking over the stove decision (which was, by the way, my biggest and most agonizing decision, compared to which every other decision about the kitchen was easy).

1) Heat and fan issues. Yes, this stove runs hotter than my old coil-top electric. The burners are fast and hot, but I can turn down the left rear to a lovely simmer. The left front burner has actually two burner rings, and the inner ring works nicely as a simmer burner, if you use it on its own. The two right-hand burners are great for bringing beans, rice or lentils to a fast boil and then turning down to a reasonable simmer.

The fan goes on when you use the oven �" it comes on automatically, and blows most of the heat out the vents (over which you've installed the 4-inch vent cover that comes with the stove). When you open the oven door, heat certainly wafts out, but it doesn't feel any different from the heat that came out of my old oven.

The heat isn't bothersome, as we installed a 36-inch, 400 CFM hood with 3 speeds above the stove. We installed the larger hood because Consumer Reports recommended that for a stove and hood that are not installed between cupboards. This seems to work quite well; I'm glad I followed the recommendation.

The fan of the oven is less loud than the fan of the hood, which is certainly loud enough to notice but doesn't seem horrible to me. (It's my first ever hood after 26 years in this kitchen and many years before that, so I have little to compare it with. The noise seems about the same as hoods at my friends' houses or my mother's house. For people curious about brands, the hood is a Zephyr Breeze II.)

The oven is fantastic, but I can see you have to have an oven thermometer and get used to the actual temperatures. This evening I set the oven on 500 F, the highest setting, to make pita. I put my new oven thermometer in; after 15 minutes, the thermometer read 600 F. This was just fine for pita, but might not be quite so fine if you were baking something a bit fussier. We will try it later on for other baked things.

2) I have used the broiler, and it's terrific. I set the rack low to make toast and broil cheese onto it. I was pleased that the low rack setting meant I didn't burn the bread �" it just toasted nicely. The fan goes on after you shut off the broiler, I suppose to help dispel the heat quickly.

3) Different issue: cleaning. This is easy-peasy. All the stainless surfaces wipe very easily with a soft sponge. After I finish wiping down, I wipe off with a dry cotton or linen towel and it looks great. The cooktop is easy, too. Once you lift off the grills, you can wipe the entire cooktop very fast. I overboiled some rice, some lentils and splattered when sauteeing some tomatoes, and everything has wiped off easily.

Altogether, I am incredibly pleased with this stove. It's simple, fast to learn, has no electronic controls and is very pretty to look at.

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