New Virco - Just Purchased

minfingerJune 10, 2002

I love it! And it does get hot very fast. I saw the other thread about the grill, but I just felt compelled to post another message :-)

If it had not been for the very helpful information that everyone posted about that grill, I probably would have not purchased it and regretted it for a long time. But alas, it's sitting on my huge deck and conveinently fit in a spot that was left open for a lack of anything else to put there. It sit right by the door into the house with plenty of room to spare. Can you tell I'm happy? :-D

I do have one question, I read how to adjust the oxygen intake and I did that. I had to adjust all the way open at full flame just to get blue flame, but I still got some yellow. I'm kind of new to this whole "I own my own Giant Grill" thing, so I'm pretty sure that you normally don't cook at full flame?

Could someone recommend the proper way to adjust the grill? I'm torn between going to the gym tonight or cooking on my grill LOL

Thanks everyone :-)

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I just bought one at lunch today, I'm in Salt Lake City, UT (72nd South and I-15 store). I've been tracking them for about a month now. They recieved 12 in yesterday (Sunday the 11th of June), and when I got mine, there were 6 left on the floor plus the floor model. I'm not sure if there were any more in the back, but I didn't ask. I wondered why there was such a frenzy to buy this grill, until I actually saw it. I've been shopping around for a grill for about three months. I have already fabricated a built in island where it will be istalled by myself, built with steel studs which will be stuccoed and tiled on top. Up until I first heard about this grill, I was sold on the Beefmate 2000 Series head and Stainless Hood, totaling about $750, but the Virco blows it away. If anyone cares, I should have pictures of my island w/ grill soon.

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Whoo hoo! Welcome to the club! :) Did you guys cook on it yet?

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Yeah my borther went and bought a couple NY Strips. Considering all we ate was those tiny steaks, it was nice. Very juice and well cooked.

I would have personally preferred a big thick T-Bone, but I didn't get a chance to make it to the Store. I worked late today, so no beer and no thick steaks :(

I was thinking about going to buy some tools tomorrow night at Walmart or somewhere after Church. Cleaning it really good or something. Was going to invite the GF over so I could cook some food for her. She thinks I can't cook ;-) hehe

Any suggestions on a good Grill Tool Set?

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Costco's Hoffritz set is very nice. $20 I believe they have another set (Kirkland?) that isn't as good a deal.

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I got a real nice set at Sam's. It is solid SS with rubber inserts on the handles. It includes tongs, fork, turner, basting brush and a nice knife. They look real good hanging from the Virco. Good luck.


P.S. If you like T-Bones, try Porterhouse.

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