2 mystery burners

team2by4June 14, 2011

I have two items that we cannot identify. The first is a metal box with the EG Webster mark on the bottom. I believe it is silver plate. Footed and floral decorated. Upon opening you find in the left corner an oil or kerosene burner. To the right are 2 brackets that fold up to hold something, presumably to be warmed. Curling iron? The other is a small metal box, about 2" by 4" that also opens to reveal a tiny oil or kerosene burner. Above the burner is a tiny trough thaat perhaps something was melted in. Has carbon on it. It has a mark in the bottom USA and MD. Any clues? If you email, I'll provide pictures. kandmkrueger@gmail.com

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Post photos here if you want an ID. You can share from any of the free photohosting sites like photobucket, flickr, etc. From Photobucket, copy and paste the HTML tag from your photo there to the body of your message here. When you hit preview your photo should show up.


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Here's pictures

Here is a link that might be useful: mystery boxes

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I am bumping because I am curious too.

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Nobody hsa any clue??

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I have a couple of clues....but no fur sure...
The larger one with the 2 fold down pieces may well be for a curling iron....but it seems small. However I do have a very little curling iron (somewhere!) that was called a mustache curler when I bought it. so it could be for one of those very small curling irons.
and the other one could be for sealing wax....but I have seen sealing wax boxes with a place for a candle stub to light and melt the wax....but this could be an up-grade from the candle stub.
Just a couple of "could bes" not an I know it is.
Linda C

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The second one would be a burner for a chaffing or tea kettle or something similar. I have a burner very similar (only it's round) and it does have the lid on top. I would assume because of the shape that it would be for a chafing type dish of some sort.

The other, I really don't have any idea.

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They are meant to burn alcohol, I imagine....judging by the wick. Burners like these were pretty popular around 1900. I also suspect the first one is a curling iron heater, and alcohol was popular for that because heating them over coal oil lamps left a black sooty residue one had to wipe off before using. However, the flames were usually directly under the heating rod and not at one end. This would be pretty enough to set on a lady's vanity as well.

I suspect the second one is what they used to call a traveling companion or nursery burner. Most are indeed round, but it's a tiny alcohol burner meant to carry when traveling or keeping in a nursery situation to warm bottles.

It would definitely help if you could give us some size references on these items. It could make a big difference in identifying them more positively.

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