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kate38June 6, 2010

I have many old family items that no one seems to want, so I'm sorting through and taking them to an auction house in some sort of order. Next week I'm taking decorative plates and some old kitchen ware. Before I do, I'm wondering if anyone can help me value the following:

plate marked Henroi Quimper '97 with a chip on the back (doesn't show on front) and a paint smudge on the front

Royal Doulton bone china plate marked "Glamis Thistle"

Delft plate marked "Dejonge moeder" maar C. Bouter 429

casserole w/metal footed carrier marked "Guernsey Cooking Ware." It's clean on the inside but doesn't look it. My grandmother used to make rice pudding in it.

Glasses (tumblers): West Virginia Glass, Weston, VA "Precious Metal & Lustre Stain Decorations" on a small piece of paper that came with the set. Each glass depicts a different bird. There are 8 and they're perfect.

Thanks so much for whatever you can tell me.

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Glamis Thistle! I remember seeing a set of this lovely china at a nearby antique mall a few days ago. It caught my eye because the pattern is just so pretty and so unusual. Of course, they wanted several hundred for the set -- an oddball lot of pieces, far from complete. But it was just so pretty! It's been stuck in my mind ever since...

You might want to list that directly on eBay, since they seem to be getting pretty good prices.

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Glamis Thistle - I'm committing it to memory! It's lovely.

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I've never sold anything on E-bay, and I'm embarrassed to say I don't even know how to post a picture anywhere, but maybe I should learn. The Glamis Thistle is very pretty, I agree. I only have one plate.

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