Members Mark BBQ Assembly

tacretiredJune 22, 2002

I am assembling my Members Mark BBQ and have two questions. The Model Number is Y0101XC.

The picture of the flame tamers in the instructions is not clear. Do I place them wide slot up or narrow slot up?

Also, on the grill back mounting there appears to be holes for 5 screws and nuts - mine only came with two holding the back burners in place. Should I have five?

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You can put the flame tamers in either way. When I first assembled mine over a year ago, I put the tamers in with the small opening up. My thinking was that with the larger opening up it could act like a funnal and allow more dripping to get below an possibly flare up. But since then, when ever I give the grill a good cleaning, I clean off the flame tamers and flip them over. This allows the burners to burn away any extra grease. So faw I've not had any flare ups doing it this way.

As for the back mounting screws and nuts. If you are refering to the mounting holes near the top for the guard the runs the length of the grill that covers the gas line for the rear burner, mine has all 5 screws and nuts in place. The screws are on the back side with the nuts in the inside of the grill. If you are refering to the 5 screws the hold the rear burner in place, mine also has 5 screws. Not sure if these screws require a nut, as I would need to take the rear guard off to take a look. For these the screws are but in from the inside of the grill.

Hope this helps.


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tacretired've answered my questions. I'll get the other three screws and nuts and install them...thanks

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