Baked potatoes

jennJune 13, 2003

Does anyone have a tried and true method of cooking baked potatoes on the grill? We're planning to BBQ a pork roast on sunday and want to add some potatoes. We want the potatoes to be medium size, not too big. We'll wrap them in foil and then we're thinking of letting them cook until a little soft when they are squeezed and then they can sit in a warm oven until the roast is done. Any suggestions from experience would be greatly appreciated.



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Jen, I often do baking potatoes on the grill but I don't wrap them in foil first. I prepare them for baking the same way I would for baking in the oven. First I wash and dry them, and then rub them with either oil or butter, your choice, sprinkle with sea salt and place on one side of the grill. Make sure that this side has been heated and then turned off. The other side should be on high. The potatoes will bake with the indirect heat. About half way through baking I poke a few holes in the potato with a fork and turn it over. Let it continue baking until the sides are soft when squeezed or test with a fork. Cut a X in the top of the

and squeeze. I like to add some butter and then sour cream seasoned with some fresh chopped chives. If you like eating potato skins then you will really like these. The butter and the salt give them a nice crisp texture which you don't get if you wrap them in foil first.


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I do mine like Ann's love the cruchy skin, I think the skin is the best part of the potatoe. LOL

Another good way that we like potatoes on the grill is to slice them up, along with some onion and garlic. Put in foil pouch, dot with butter add salt and pepper. Cook over direct heat about 30 minutes turning over several times.


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Thank you! I couldn't check the replies before Sunday so we sort of winged it using our Weber's big book of grilling recipes. I scrubbed the potatoes and let them dry. We put them over indirect heat on the charcoal grill. They took almost 2 hours but were perfectly done.

Thanks again!

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If you don't care if the skins are crunchy, but just need a baked potato, this is what I do every Sunday, with my steak. Cut the potatoes in half. Spray olive oil on them, sprinkle with garlic salt w/parsley (McCormicks). Wrap in foil & cook @ Med for 1/2 hour. (If you are heating up your grill, Put them on the top rack, with the lid closed & they will be fine) Then you can do your meat. Audrey

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Try this. Cut the potatoes into long strips, like steak fries. Coat them in olive oil and sprinkle with some Lawreys season salt. Cook them (direct low) till golden brown. Beats the heck out of tater-tots.

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First time here and thanks for the great ideas on potatoes...going to do some tonight. we only have a charcoal grill so glad some posted here how they did it on a char grill....Stacy

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