Proximity of Grill to house wall - (Virco) ??????

meagainJune 19, 2002

I'd like to hear how far away from the house wall your grill is. Specifically Virco.

The vents are not in the back of the grill but semi on the top angle piece. I'd like to put this grill as close to the house as possible but I have vinyl siding at this particular location. :)

So I'm curious if anyone experimented with this & how close can you go?

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I don't know about vinyl siding, but I have aluminum siding and my Virco is about 12" from the house. I think if I were you, I would experiment. If the siding stays cool enough for you to touch it, I think you would be alright. Good Luck.


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The owners manual should give you minimum clearances for the grill. I know I charred the railing of my porch by having my grill too close last year.

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The Virco manual says to allow 24" between the grill and any combustible materials. Vinyl would be considered combustible, I think.

I have mine backed up to a low brick wall, which goes up to above the firebox level, then there are glass windows that start at about the same height as the rear burner. I cooked a chicken in it with the rear burner going full blast but the window framing (aluminum) didn't get hot. I removed any materials that might be damaged from heat from the other side of the window, but I don't know if even that was necessary. Probably the sensible thing to do is to monitor the heat your grill puts out, and adjust its position accordingly. I'd be extra careful with vinyl since it could melt and mess up the look of the house.

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I did a temp test on my Virco yesterday, and when I cranked up all three main burners with the lid closed, an internal and accurate glass oven thermometer registered 575F after 20 minutes. During that time substantial heat was being radiated from the back of the unit, much more than from the front, and I had to move the unit away from some aluminum frame windows to try to avoid heat damage to the glass or plastic glass caulking. Before I moved it away, the window glass was getting fairly hot. It was about six inches away from the glass, initially. For rotisserie and open hood cooking the heat to the back at this distance was not a problem, but for high heat oven searing, I'd say that 1 to 2 feet would be required to avoid damage to objects or walls to the rear of the unit.

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