What type of business for metal cleaning/repairing?

flseadogJune 25, 2010

We have a small cast iron gas stove that is probably around 80 years old. It was old and messy when I pulled it off the street 40 years ago but with a little cleaning it has served us well as an all purpose back hallway catch all---plant stand, etc. Although it probably has no value other than the sentimental value I attach to it, I would like to have it gone over by some sort of metal work professional to remove the old gas pipe still attached to the side, get rid of some sharp edges and rust, and fix the hinge of the drop down oven door. When I scavenged it from the street it was painted a matte black but I suspect that at least the door may be porcelain underneath but I don't really care about "restoring" it, just making it presentable and safe for the grandchildren to be around. Are there businesses that do this type of work? Do they charge a lot? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. TIA.

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Look for a business that does welding and makes iron railings.

You can get rid of the sharp edges and rust yourself, with a file for the edges and some steel wool and then rust-inhibiting paint for the rust.

Removing the gas pipe - a hacksaw and then some filing of the rough edges

Dunno about the hinge repair. Can you post a picture?

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Don't know where you are located, but there is a place in northern VA that refinishes old pieces such as the old iron garden furniture. There might be a similar business near you. Good luck. Sounds like a neat piece to have!

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Thank you cyn and lazygardens. I'll try both of those ideas. DH has suggested an auto body or an antique car restorer but I suspect those types of businesses wouldn't want to take on something this small. Thanks, again.

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Take it to a sandblaster. There is usually one in every town around here. That will clean it up and then you can see what needs to be removed. Someone at the sandlblast shop can probably refer you to a welder in town who can remove the parts you don't want and clean up all the sharp edges.

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Thanks, pris. That's a good idea, too,

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