Wok Cooking on Grill

meagainJune 6, 2002

As you know, proper wok cooking/stirfry requires an extreme amount of heat. Until I get a fancy pants, high-end stove/cooktop - I have to make due with a (gasp) - electric burner! Had gas all my life and it sure makes a difference.

I bought a Virco grill about a month ago that has (3)-20,000 BTU burners. Vastly more power than my poopy electric stove.

My thought was to try stirfry on the grill. The problem is that I wouldn't be able to simply put the wok on the grids as they are too far away from the flame. I'd like to fashion something whereby the wok is just slightly over the burners and was thinking of finding some sort of grate/support I could rig up to be able to pull this off.

Has anyone done such a thing with their grills? Any ideas? I don't expect alot of responses but perhaps someone out there HAS done this. Thanks!

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Dear Meagain,

I've been following your postings for a while now, and almost feel I know you. Caveat on the gas cooktop. I too am a fan of cooking with a wok. When I built my house two years ago, I wanted a gas cooktop, since I've always been told how superior cooking on gas is. All gas cooktops are not alike! While shopping for my gas cooktop, the salesman never mentioned anything about BTU's. I just figured the same amount of heat must come out of all gas stoves. Wrong! Make sure that you have at least one burner with at least 14,000 BTU's for your wok. My puny 10,000 BTU burners on my GE cooktop merely get the oil in my wok to simmer, causing the food to absorb way too much oil as I stir fry. Can't you use the side burner on your Virco to do your woking? I just purchased a Virco, and the side burner on it produces more heat than my kitchen stove. To be honest, though, I haven't tried stir frying outside yet.

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Roseyposey2 - LOL! I cracked up at your other post about how you ended up with 2 grills! Maybe you can sell the Weber on Ebay or something? Or still return it? Sorry, But glad you now own a Virco. Nice huh? Will look forward to seeing some posts on your trials with it.

Yes - I know about the various BTUs. My goal in life is to get a dual-fuel Dacor Epicure range which has 15k BTUs.

I actually temporarily forgot I had a side burner on my Virco. Haven't used it yet but it seems there's no way a wok would fit on it.

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You can get an outdoor wok burner (lp or ng) in the 60k to 135k btu range for under $100... Very similar to turkey fryers.

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Wanna put the spurs to your wok?

Use a turkey fryer burner.

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Oh crud, I see Tuba Paul beat me to the recommendation.

I should read the entire thread before posting...

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