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roroszJune 18, 2009

Ok, so the time has come to replace my Member's Mark (SamÂs Club) grill. The thing has rusted beyond recognition. Cart is pretty much gone, burners are not even there anymore. Granted it lived 1 dog year (7 years), but now there is so much innovation and competition out there that I'm confused. I've been looking at the current equivalent model at Sam's, the Charbroil Red and Quantum at Home Depot (both supposed to be full infrared) and wanted to ask if anyone has any better recommendations. My research shows that infrared is definitely the way to go, and have red so many different opinions of ceramic infrared being fragile, and those mostly are just one zoners, which probably won't work for me since I do a lot of long roasts (whole beef and pork tenderloins, etc)... I like the Webers, except that I don't really like the way the burners are set up: front, center, and back vs. the left, center and right configuration. Also a consideration is cover height because I love doing turkey and chicken in the rotisserie Oh yeah, cornerstone to the decision is lifetime burner warranty!!!!!!

In this dayÂs economy $400-$500 seems like a big investmentÂ

Anyone have any thoughts?

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I have two Weber gassers in my herd. I have a Weber Genesis 3000 which is 15 years old and a Summit that is 7 years old. Each has burners going different ways Genesis has them going east/west, and the Summit has them going north/south. Each layout has its + and -'s in my opinion. Other than the fact one has 3 burners and one has 6 burnrs they cook the same. Webers hold pretty predictable temps depending on the number of burners lit which is a huge plus compared to most grills. The 15 year old Genesis has only required replacement of the flavorizer bars during ownership and looks almost as good as the day it was put together.

If you are concerned about hood height and the Weber on doing Rotis 20 lb Turkeys don't worry. I do them all the time and never had a glitch yet. IMO Weber has one of the better Rotis motors out there. Geared just right.

I for one think infrared is a viable cooking method however I don't think you will be happy with IR on a lower end grill $400-$500 dollar range. No I'm not a grill snob but I am realistic. A charbroil red isn't and American Outdoor Grill or its more expensive cousin Fire Magic.

Now if you want something that can really cook low and slow with temps down around the 210° range or sizzling hot with temps in 1000° range take a look at a ceramic cooker. BGE, Primo, Grill Dome, Kamado, and to a lesser extent Imperial Kamado. Course you will be cooking on lump charcoal but the flavor is awesome.

Concerning your original post I feel a Weber grill would be the perfect fit for you and will answer the bell for you for many many years. If you decide on a Weber compare the grills at HD, Lowes and a True Value. Each store seems to have Webers with different specs concerning cooking grates (material) and flavorizer bars (material). Also you can get most Webers in propane or Natural Gas variants if you desire.

Very Respectfully,

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