Saw this Villeroy and Boch platter at my local thrift store.

centralcacyclistJune 10, 2010

It caught my eye as I walked by one day. They want 50.00 for it. Should I buy it? It is exactly the same as the one in this link. Perhaps with a bit more wear to the glaze. No chips.

Here is a link that might be useful: ANTIQUE VILLEROY & BOCH DRESDEN FLOW BLUE

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How large is it?
And do you love it?

IMO, $50 actually isn't a bad retail price for it; but if you love several others just as much, you could find something else equally nice on eBay for less money.

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Is it really an 18 inch platter??
I suggest you go looking for another 18 inch platter for less....not to mention a lovely one.
If you like it and need a big platter....the price is good.
Linda c

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It's big. It is an 18" platter. I wondered why the thrift store would have such a hefty price on it so I looked it up. Worthpoint indicates it's an 1880s pattern. I wonder what it sold for but not enough to join. It caught my eye because that sort of thing would catch my eye. This looks quite old. And I liked it. I don't need it by any means. This thrift store rarely has dishes that are more than a dollar or 2. I poke around for kitchen gadgets now and then.

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Speaking for myself I would buy it because (a) it's the kind of blue/white design I like - not your standard transferware or whatever it's called - this is what I think would be a Scandinavian style and I don't see it that often, (b) (sorry Sweeby) to he!! with what you can get on line. You and this plate are both in your city, you can support your local economy and don't need to take the risk or cost of shipping, and (c) (sorry Linda) to he!! with shopping around for another one for less; what's your time worth? And what are the chances of finding one you like as much?

Bottom line though, can you afford to indulge yourself? Always assume you might not be able to sell it for same (imagine you break it) - can you live with that?


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