OMG, $1000 cream for body!!!

krisb_tx8January 20, 2003

Unbelievable! I watched "J. Lo Fabulous Life" on VH1 few nights ago and my gosh, what an extravaganza life. She uses Creme de la Mer which costs $1,000 for 16 oz size all over her body. 16 oz cream will last for 2 weeks max, I guess, so $2,000 body cream for a month. Did anybody watch this show? Her other expenses that I remember are:

- crystal therapy

- Eye brow wax by Anastasia. The lady is willingly cancel her 60 appointments for a day just to wax her. Money sure talks! She said J. Lo is very generous.

- $75,000 for a nude picture given to Ben Affleck.

- $15,000 haircut for her wedding to Chris Judd

- 4 or 5 luxury cars

- 2 personal chefs

- 10-15 real fur coats

- her lingerie

The most ridiculous thing is she hired someone to tweak her nipples so they were perky for her video taping!! Here I am, trying very hard to cover them so they won't show under my shirts!

Another note, no need to guess what makeup she has on, all are custom made by her makeup artist.

Now I'm glad I didn't buy her perfume, she sure doesn't need my money.

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Would this be the girl who reckons she's 'still Jenny from the block' I wonder?!?!?

Ed x

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Hah hah hah... I find that $15,000 haircut funny as lleh... I wonder how much she will pay when she marries poor Ben? I trim my OWN hair and I like my hair better than hers... bleah...

Re: nipple tweaking... I never knew this process existed... what is she going to do when Ben gets her pregnant and her tweaky nipples are leaking milk everywhere?

(I do not like Jennifer Lopez, can you tell?)

- darkeyedgirl

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tweaking nipples?

they used to use ice cubes!

I guess jlo found a cute guy to do it for her! meow!

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ROTFL. You ladies are so funny. If I didn't see the guy tweaked her nipples on that TV screen, I would say this was bull. I'm wondering though why not just asked Ben do that.

One of the guy (I think an owner of a shop) said since J.Lo and BA have been an item, her spending goes more insane. Whenever BA bought her something, she bought him something to match the price of his gift. Are they competing or what?

Is it luck, talent or marketing genius? All her business are making tons of money. Waiting list for 2 weeks to get into her restaurant, her movies, her CDs, her perfume. Men goes crazy with her perfume, I don't like it so much, too soapy. Now I heard she has her clothing line coming out.

"Jenny from the block", huh, that's a crap.

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I can't stand her. Maybe it's just me (obviously), but what is so great about this chick?

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Only a total fool will do this type of stuff and I don't care how much money they have. You can look for her in the suicide pages when she adds a few more years and pounds because she won't be able to stand to look at herself. And what man is going to put up with her for long no matter how great she looks?

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Frankly, I dont see how someone going on there third marriage at a young age, with a few VERY BREIF marriages and publicized romances behind her could be talking about going down the aisle again so soon. I think if she loved herself on the inside as much as the outside, she would take the time to do some soul searching instead of diving heard first into another serious commitment, so that she could find herself and a way to attain a peaceful and long term happiness. Instead, she seeks short term thrills in $15,000 haircuts and $1,000 body cream.


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Quite seriously, I think she is messed up.

I think she is a beautiful girl, and she has done some good for those of us who aren't beanpoles, but I think that what the media rib her for as 'diva' behaviour is actually something much more serious.

I don't think she knows what she wants, and because she has a lot of money, she thinks she can just buy whatever she wants.

As we all know, money doesn't buy you happiness, or a guy who truly loves you and sadly, I think Devon is right. She's got some serious issues within herself, which, until she sorts those out, she'll never be content inside and will be on to number 4 before we know it.

No amount of Creme de la Mer or $15k haircuts makes a woman happy, not really.

I think I actually feel sorry for her...

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I just wonder what consitutes a $15k haircut? There had better be a car attached somewhere!! LOL

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Yeah, I guess I feel sorry for her because she's so dumb..or because she's getting ripped off! Just turn the thermostat down to 50 degrees and you'll have all the tweaked nipples you can possibly ask for! Although I did like your answer, darkeyedgirl. *giggle*

What a moron. Although she alone could be responsible for keeping our economy going...She needs to read Paula's book to find out that that body cream doesn't do cr*p! Who knows the beauty secrets now, huh? : >

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i personally think she is beautiful and if i had her money i would spend it silly too lets face it she has way more than she needs its no worse that celine dion or however you spell it buliding a house with at 3500 sq. ft closet now that is one girl who canNOT sing. J LO can not only sing , she is soooooooo pretty i say its her money let spend it

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I dont think anyone implied that she doesnt have right to spend it how she wishes. Personally, I could never justify some of the above costs while there are those without food and shelter. Im one for pampering yourself, but thats too extreme for me, and as I said before I think shes going to that extreme to fill a void elsewhere in her life. I think shes the poster child of a lost soul with all the signs we of her crumbling relationships and so forth. I wouldnt be surprised if she pulled a Marilyn Monroe on us, though I surely hope she doesnt. I do enjoy alot of her music, though I dont agree that shes very talented in the way of singing. Not a bad actress though.

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Wow, I never listen to Celine but I defintely think she can sing. Oh well, that's not the point. Although I don't really considering "rapping" singing (a la J Ho)

I wonder if there are any "frugal" stars out there, who would rather get more for their money or not just spend it to spend it because they think SO incredibly highly of themselves. Probably not.

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it seems like tweaking her nipples is something she could do for herself... ?

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Sigh... it's sad to see this stuff. Sad to think of the waste and unnecessary pain when someone does this out of a need to be special, then ends up owing the IRS millions or in bankrupcy court. Hopefully, she will grow out of it quickly.

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Maybe I'm naive, but what the heck is tweaking nipples? I'm assuming it involves plastic surgery, since it's in the $$$ spent category....

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rider-tweaking your nipples is when you, um, pinch them to make them perky.

Not particularly something I think I'd want to pay someone to do...In fact, I get embarassed if they're noticably perky!

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funny- our society seems to prefer girls that need thousands of dollars of 'perfecting' to girls who are simply radient on their own- oh, that's it. radience doesn't show up on film. we're not looking at people- we're looking at works of art.

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