Yipes! New tank installation gone wrong? Help?

meagainJune 23, 2002

We ran out of fuel & replaced our propane tank. When we fired up the grill, there was a humming/whistling sound. The sound increases as we crank the heat.

Can anyone share what causes this? Is the tank somehow defective or did DH install it wrong? This is our 2nd tank replacement. No problems with the first switch. The sound is really irritating.

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I had this happen on occasion as well. The sound seemed to come from the regulator. When you grabbed it, you could feel the vibration. I called Virco and they promptly replaced it. I don't have that problem anymore, especially since I converted to NG last week, very nice. Good luck.

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Really? I figured it was the new tank. We haven't had this problem before when we replaced tanks and the noise just started the minute we put a new one in so I assumed it was the install for the tank or the tank was defective somehow. :(

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I noticed a slight whining sound tonight while I was grilling a steak. I have a burner on my indoor gas cooktop that does a similar thing, so I figured it was the burner or control valve. I'll check it out again.

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I checked again and the noise happens whenever i have a single burner turned on. It appears to be coming from the regulator, although I can't feel any vibration.

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Try this. Turn off tank. Open burner valves for five minutes. close valves and open tank very slowly. Open burner valve furthest away from regulator slowly and light. Do same with other. Let us know what happened.

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I cooked some hot dogs today on the central burner and didn't notice any return of the whining sound. However I did have to fiddle with the ignitors for a half an hour until I was satisfied with their performance. Interesting, the ignitor module has four outputs, which are paired. So the gaps for the burner ignitors need to be evenly spaced, or balanced, so that the spark is even. Also, the leads to the ignitor module were a bit loose, so I took some pliers and crimped the female bayonet connectors on the leads to make for a better connection. I also filed a bit of a rough spot on the burners where the ignitors spark. After all that, the ignitors seem to be working better.

Oh, and guess who makes the ignitor module? Grand Hall!!!

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I'm happy to report the sound magically went away. It just occurred the day we put the new tank in. Hmmm...

Re the igniters - When I first brought it home, 2 burners wouldn't start so we simply pushed that little filament thing a hair closer with our fingers - all 3 burners light instantly ever since. Perhaps it got a bit out of wack in shipping. But I must admit I was dejected, thinking I had a dud grill.

Made Fajitas tonight. :)

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I did the same thing, pushing the ignitors around. But... after doing a 575F max heat test, they stopped sparking consistently. I took it all apart today, removed the ignitor module, probed it with infallible logic, and hooked it back up again. Not sure if it's defective or not. I guess I'll have to call Virco. They're working now, though.

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The sound came back today. :(

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I have the sound as well, (humming/vibration from regulator). Sometimes it does not vibrate/sound, but when it does the more gas being used = louder the humming. I assume it is a regulator problem and will get a replacement from Virco when I get annoyed enough.

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I had the same problem with mine and Virco promptly replaced it. No noise after that.

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Did you have to send the part back or did they just give you one. Would hate to be without my grill.

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They just sent one, took a few days.

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