best way to grill on gas...HELP!!!

eileen_launonenJune 30, 2002

We have a cheap gas grill from KMART I need tips... every time we grill meat its burnt on outside a bloody on inside (we are a MEDIUM/WELL family. What am I doing wrong??? I have wasted alot of money on burgers &steaks also too if we sit and cut open the meat and it bleeds there goes dinner!!Even if I put it back on the grill everyone is grossed and refuse to eat...but I dont have $$$ to buy a good grill like a WEBER...Can we get through this summer?? Hopefully with some good grilling TIPS! thanks Eileen

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It seems to me that turning down the fire and cooking the meat longer would be the simplest suggestion. That should resolve your issue, unless you are already cooking with the heat lower. Then, maybe you are getting flareups? Possibly with the lid down and aren't noticing them (flareups) and they are charring your meat before the inside cooks. Is this a newer grill? Maybe one of the newer Charbroils that don't have many (if any) briquettes? Maybe it is an older grill that has a cracked burner? I have an older Sunbeam that, once it heated up, a large flame would come out of one part of the burner that was damaged and would cook very quickly in that one place. You might examine the grill and it's components and make sure you don't have a situation like this occuring. It seems to me that with the results you are getting, it has to be because of too much fire too quickly. So, either you are haveing flareups that are going unattended, the burner has a crack in it (causing a very hot spot), or you are just cooking on too high of heat. Once you get the heat problem figured out, you might consider investing in one of those meat thermometer forks. I bought one a couple of years ago from K-Mart on clearance for $5.00. It has been a great investment and works very good to get your meat at just the right doneness. I hope this helps. Good luck.

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You might try boiling the meat first, until it is well done, and then putting in on the grill for a finish.

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Sounds like the grill is not getting enough heat. A common reson is that since the addition to the opd valve to propane tanks it is now required that the tanks be opened very slowly.If the gas is released too quickly the opd valve will trigger and block the flow of the gas.You will get some but not much.To reset a triggered valve disconnect the tank -allow to sit for ten minutes and reconnect.Open it slowly from now on until 3/4's opened.Let grill preheat for 10 minutes on high before adding food.

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Thanks very much for all the suggestions I think its time to buy a REAL grill!!

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