Can I change my hair from auburn back to blonde?

acerJanuary 1, 2007


About 12 weeks ago I let my husband talk me into going red. Well, actually it's a not-too-drastic kind of medium auburn that one stylist described as "cinnamon". Well, I'm tired of it and now I want to go back to being blonde. I was a very light blonde as a kid and now my natural color seems to range from a dark ash blonde to light or medium brown. It's very dull and mousy in my opinion and always needs something to spice it up. Can I go from red back to blonde, and, if so, do it in one salon visit without frying my hair?

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Geez,it's like you and I are the same person,LOL.My hair is mousey light brown/dark blonde too.I was a blonde,and dyed my hair brownish red also because that's what my husband likes!
And...I too am thinking of going back to blonde!

I think you can,and here's why: Going darker,as you did,is much less damaging then going lighter.Really you are just adding color and not stripping it away as you do when going lighter. Assuming you have had a trim or so since doing this,your hair should still be in decent shape.If it feels real course or brittle then you probably shouldnt.
Do you plan on doing this yourself or going to a salon? Maybe you should consider just getting blonde highlights through out your hair.It will still give you that blonde look without having to color all over.

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I did the same thing also. My natural hair is mousy brown and I've always been a blonde, golden blonde, dark blonde etc. About a year ago I decided to go brown and I've been happy with it until I ran across a picture of me with the blonde hair over the weekend. Darn it looked so much better!!! It is taking all my self control to wait for an appointment with my stylist. I even scanned the hair color boxes in CVS yesterday. I hope I can hang on....

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I had my mom point out that I looked better with blonde hair (but she also has blonde hair and I think is just more partial to it)
I have decided not to go back to blonde.But I could still change my mind exspecially when summer time nears.

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I am a natural blonde who went strawberry blond for several years. About 6 months ago I decided to go back to blonde. I used home coloring products...and it has been a nightmare. No matter what color blonde you put over red, it will not be the blonde you are expecting. In fact, with most of the ash blonde products I used, my hair actually turned out darker than I ever expected...with red highlights...not flattering on my ivory skin. I finally went with the lightest, ultra blonde I could find...and at least now I'm in the ballpark, but still have red highlights. At least going lighter, you can go darker if it's too light. If I had to do it all again? I'd go to the hairdresser and have it professionally stripped and colored...but I would take the home hair coloring product of choice with me and have them match it to that so I could continue to do my own at home.
Let us know how things turn out for you.

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Oh dear,someone should have told you that you cant dye a lighter color over red hair and expect it to be lighter.

In order to go from red to blonde,you would first need to "LIGHTEN" the hair again. Depending on what shade of red you have,you may be able to acheive this using the "lightest blonding possible" in a box such as loreal supreme blonde or Les blondiemes.
That will lighten your hair to a light blonde shade.
THEN,you find the color you want and color over it (in your case sounds as though you'd like an ash blonde)
For anyone changing colors I suggest checking out they have alot of great info!

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LOL...I found that out! It certainly has been interesting at work...the guys want to take bets on what color my hair will be the next time! I'm just thankful that I didn't end up with some odd green color or something!
I'll check out the bairboutique website...thanks!
Have a great day...

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hey(: ok i def wanna die my hair blonde! but like its redish brown now. i bought a dye thats like darkish blonde will it work? i dont want my hair to turn orange:o but i dont mind strawberry blonde.

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Gosh and I thought I was the only one! My hair is auburn and I going to try the Loreal champagne blonde and I'm praying it won't turn orange!!!!

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I actually was blonde then went red and wanted to go back blonde. It's not an easy task since once you get red to stick it's harder then heck to get out. I was advised to use a oil bleach with heat for 10 min longer then the box said. It stripped most of the color out of my hair and I was told that if it didn't work the way I wanted it to to do it again for less time. Once I got all the red out I then dyed it the blonde I wanted. If you do do it yourself however you choose to do it make sure you have one heck of a conditioner. And I don't know if you have a Sally's where you are but they were a godsend and I only use hair color from there. Every where else fries my hair. And Sadly I'm back red again contemplating if I want to attempt this again. lol

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I so belong here lol!! I am a red to blonde, blonde to red addict too!! I am a natural blonde that likes to keep it light blonde. Than I get bored and go do the demi permanent reds from Sally. I first ended up being bright pink with burgundy blonde, oh that was fun, than i did a light red brown to get a pretty red color, its been a month now and the red is fading out on my length and its more of a red gold, where the top is still very red. I miss my blonde, this happened early this time. Last time I went for about 3-4 months before i decided i wanted my blonde back. So I am off to Sallys to see what I need to do, I honestly forgot what I did last time. I think it was a couple of Demi colors, I think I might have done ash blonde. I know if I go light blonde I get pink. I will let you guys know.

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Same here, I'm 15 years old and I've been dying my hair medium intense auburn (from garnier fructis brand)for 5 months. Its been one month since I have not dyed it but I've been planning to go dark golden blonde or light golden blonde but without bleaching my hair any suggestions on what I should do ?

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*Garnier Nutrisse* ^^ my bad

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I've had my hair every color except black. I was a natural blonde as a child,which got darker as I grew up, to a light mousy brown. I started dying my hair around age 16 using "Nice and Easy" from a box. Also did the lemon-juice-and- sit-in- the- sun bit. I have even had Platinum blond to please my husband. That was a nightmare-had to get a professional to lighten my hair, she used very strong peroxide. The roots needed constant touching up every 4 to 6 weeks, and it burned every time I got a touch-up. So I let my "natural" color hair grow in, took about 6 months. I'm now light brown with some gray. Anyhow, if you are making a drastic change, you really can't do it yourself. You need to go to a pro who will remove the old color and apply the new. Or go with highlights, which if applied properly don't need a lot of maintenance, only needs to be done every 6 months or so.Good luck and let us know what you do!

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