Tipping at 'cheap' salon

livvysmomJanuary 30, 2008

If I or my children go to a BoRics or Fantastic Sams I never know what to tip. HC's are usually about $10-$12. Seems cheap to tip $2 but $5 seems like too much when you are in the chair 15-20 minutes (no wash, no style).

Any tips -- I mean help??

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My MIL works at Great Clips and has worked at other cheaper salons. I believe the standard tip is $3 per person (provided you get good service).

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Why would $2 seem cheap? It's 20 percent of a $10 haircut. I think it's fine.

Three dollars would be 30 percent which I think is too much unless you got some extra-good service.

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I think $2 is fine for a $10-12 hair cut.

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I tip $5. Those girls work so hard.

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I guess I've never really thought of them working harder than any other job. I guess everything's relative, but I'd rather give the extra $3 bucks to a charity, or the garbage man at Christmas - now they work hard. It's nice to overtip occasionally if service is exceptional, but 50% for a quick hair cut? I do tend to tip watiresses, though, a little more than 15-20% in cheaper restarants -- usually closer to 30% .. but I've got kids so there's usually a lot of mess for a cheaper price! Gosh, do you tip everyone that accepts tips 50% or just hair stylists? I'd have to do a new budget if it was everyone!

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