Nana's 'Treasures'

suziequeJune 3, 2011

Hi - I've learned a lot from this forum; thank you! I have some dishes and other items that my grandmother made clear she wanted me to have. She was not a wealthy woman by any means (had government assistance for awhile, as well), so I do not expect these to be worth anything. But I'd like to get an idea of just what I've got. I've started with photos of a few things.

I'm sorry that I've not been able to get a clear picture of the backs/marks. The small brown/green pitcher is kind of a ceramic/pottery, I think. There is a stamp (not painted; it's right in the pottery) on the back that says 'England', and then scratched in with a pencil or something (again, right in the pottery) are the numbers 595.7.1. I think this is adorable.

The Asian pieces are part of a large set; I don't know if it's a full set or not. The ink stamp on the back is a swan with a 'ribbon' underneath, and the name 'PEKIN' inside the ribbon. Under the ribbon are the initials 'J.B'. There is aslo a num ber painted in orange.

The litle saucer and cup (it's not a drinking cup - it's a flat bottome almost custard-type dish) say Imperial Crown china, Austria' on the back. They're very cute; unfortunately, some of the cups have chips.

Can anyone tell me anything from you wide bank of knowledge? Many thanks -


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Oh crud. I was afraid that wouldn't work. I'll try again.

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