Best Foundation for Oily/Acne Prone Skin

bookworm_2007January 22, 2008

I currently use Mary Kay's medium foundation but I'm still having problems with breakouts. I would love to find a foundation that helps with keeping my skin clear but controls the oily t-zone. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I have very oily skin, even at 42 years old. I very seldom wear makeup except mascara because it gets greasy so quickly. When I do use foundation, I use Cornsilk liquid, and apply it with a damp sponge. I haven't tried anything new in years, so there may be something better out there. I got some helpful advice here about eye shadow creasing so quickly because of the oily skin. Someone suggested L'oreal De-Crease Eye Shadow Base. Instead of creasing within about and hour and a half, it seems to take about 3 or 4 hours. I also use it as a blemish concealer occasionally.

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period. no way around it.

at most, you should be using a tinted moisturizer, or a wet/dry powder applied damp with a VERY light hand.

controlling your t-zone revolves around blotting, not trying to cover it up.

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Okay here goes my 2cents... :)...I've ALWAYS had oily skin and at 32 yrs old I was willing to try almost anything. This is what I found worked for me. First I would wash my face in the evening and would wake up with a huge oil slick. YUCK!! So through online reviews and searches I finally found my holy grail rememdy and have stuck to it, it's just what works for me. Here goes...In the morning I wash with Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Daily Scrub then use Witch Hazel as a toner. Apply one pump of Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer (oil-free) [most people with oily skin DO NOT believe they should moisturize. I was a firm believer that I didn't want to add more moisture to a face that was out of control. Just the opposite is true. Once I started using a moisturizer it calmed my over active oil glands and my face stayed more matte!! YEAH!!]
So then in the evening I wash with an Olay Daily Facials cloth and do the Witch Hazel/Clean & Clear Moisturizer again.
This all sounds like loads of work but once I got the hang of it it takes all of 10-15 start to finish.
Sorry I'm rambling with more info then you asked for but here goes the makeup part. I use Everyday Minerals mineral makeup. I love this stuff and it comes in several different formulas. I use the matte formula and it works well for me, controls the oilies all day. You can order free samples, all you pay is shipping which is usually 3-5 dollars. They say there is enough in a sample for about 3 applications but there is way more than that!! Very generous amounts. If you are new to minerals it takes a little getting used to (they have a tutorial) but many people swear by them and would not use anything else they see big changes in breaks outs and such (I have a lot less). I'm one of those people. Sorry if this was so long. It's just what works for me. BIG thing is to also keep your makeup applicators (brushs and such) clean. Wash at least once a week to control bacteria growth.
Sorry if I sounded preachy and hope I helped. :-)

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When I was in my 30s with still fairly oily skin and starting to break out again I started using Noxema plus with a washcloth in the morning and plain with water at night and I loved it. A friends 17 year old daughter switched to it and also had good results. At some point in my 40s I experimented for several years with other stuff. At 51 I started using it again a year or so ago in the morning/washcloth and a gental scrub exfoliant at night. Still pretty happy with the Noxema. I think you can get your oil glands overrevved so to speak. The Noxema helped me with that.
As for foundation - I use a couple pumps of a oil free moisture (Loreal) with a pump of a Neutrogena's Sheer Tint and mixed on my palm, then brush on a light coating of powder.

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I have very oily skin. I would give mineral makeup a try. There are soooo many brands out there. Most of them are relatively inexpensive. I use Meow Cosmetics. That jar will probably last me at least two years. I've also learned how to make my own foundation. I have converted my daughters and sisters to mineral makeup. I do need to really figure out the best cleansing program for me. I think that is key to having less oil to deal with. Please consider mineral makeup but look at the ingredients. Meow has 3 ingredients other than the coloring, so does EDM. Some of the "traditional" companies are getting into MMU but those foundations have a host more ingredients.

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my skin is very oily n i break out all the time..n i never could find a foundation that actally works for me. either its not the right shade for me or it doesnt cover well enough or it breaks me out. i know what im looking for in a foundation but it seems its not out there. i just need something that can work for me..something full coverage..a good selection of colors..n something that i can use on my skin and it wont break me out..can someone please help me out

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I have extremely oily skin, I've found the best foundation for me is the bare minerals by bare essentials with their prime time primer underneath, during the summer i use an oily controlling moisturizer (MAKE SURE TO MOISTURIZE!! oil is being produced because your skin is thirsty!) and i also highly recommend Cosmedicine's medi-matte lotion, LOVE it. it also has spf in it, and so does bare minerals. LOVE! the more you pay honestly the better it works.

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Gayaravi_mail_com frm india n am a south Indian.I hav oily acne prone skin n I hav
Black marks on my skin.pls suggest me de foundation
Which suits me better n am a Wheatish artistry sheer
Foundation is suitable for me r not?pls anyone tell me.....
As soon as possible......

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Another oily-all-my-life gal here. Had acne since age 13.....still seeing a dermatologist 40 years later. I have bad genes...everyone on my Father's side has bad skin...BUT no wrinkles even in their 90's. My dermatologist told me NO OIL ever. However, recently I have found Argan oil works for me. Put it on at night, after applying my acne morning whiteheads, no breakouts and my skin glows now. I've applied it over budding pimples and it seems to stop them from flaring.
Anyway, I purchased an Argan oil foundation last week, I am waiting for it and will try it and let you know. I have NEVER found a foundation that stayed put or lasted well on me.

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I have such oily skin, it is so hard to deal with! Think I've tried every drugstore brand of foundation and they all feel so sticky and nasty. I read a review for the Kat Von D Tatoo Makeup that just came out. It's supposed to be super lasting and good for us oily girls. Am going to Sephora this weekend to get some samples. Last month I got a powder called Mattify Ultra which is really helping. It isn�t a foundation (just a powder) but I use it under and over my Colortration Foundation. It stops me from having to do so many touch ups. There is one called Mattify Tinted which is like a powder foundation I guess. Haven�t tried it yet but am curious. More makeup places need to come up with makeup that will stick to oily skin and stop the oiliness!!!

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I'm sure no one is still reading this post, but Bare Minerals are the way to go.

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I have oily skin and acne scars and am 66 years old. Powder type makeup shows up my wrinkles. I've found that Revlon Colorstay foundation for oily skin in Ivory or Buff works best for me.

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Mary Kay natural line moisturizer, followed by Mary Kay matte wear foundation applied with a stipple type make up brush(I bought mine from Ulta). Gives a light, but thorough coverage. Make sure to wash your brush AT LEAST once a week to prevent contamination to your skin, further causing acne.

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I also have oily skin and I used organic (natural) facial powder (Talc-free, paraben free, fragrance free, oil-free powder). I donâÂÂt wear make up only lip tint. Of course I do not forget to wear sunblock with at least SPF 15. I drink lots of water throughout the day for my skin hydration.

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