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rabbit8January 22, 2005

I purchased some hard soaps from bed and bodyworks recently for the first time. What's so special about these soaps or any of the soaps they sell? Which ones have you found to be a favorite?

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Did you mean "Bath and Body Works"?

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Yes, I am so sorry. That's exactly what I meant.

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You must have been thinking of bed, bath and beyond, lol....

I tried their soaps in the past and loved them; hard milled and nicely scented...

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I love their products. I use their hand pump soaps all the time. My favorite is white tea ginger.

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hard milled means that there is less air beaten into the mix- the opposite of Ivory soap, which is beaten 'fluffy with air, much like soft-serve ice cream. and any hard milled soap is going to last longer than a softer soap.

beyond that- it's all marketting. their soap's no better than Yardely's of London, who at least doesn't make a fuss about their lavendar soap being 'organic' just because they're using real lavendar from plants!

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