Can I put a toilet under this window?

imagreenthumbJanuary 28, 2012

We're redoing this 8x12 bathroom and want to fit in a walk in shower. The large window in the middle of the wall is throwing a wrench into every floor plan we come up with. The window can't be moved because it would change the symmetry on the exterior. Would it look wrong to put a low toilet under the window? We live in the country, so privacy is not an issue. This is a first floor bathroom but faces a direction where no one ever is. Thank you for ignoring teenagers sloppy habits.

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If you were to replace it with frosted glass or glass blocks and used something like a Kohler Hatbox along with a similar modern vibe for the rest of the choices, it could possibly work. It would still be psychologically uncomfortable for most people to use though.

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Fori is not pleased

I wouldn't mind it at all (especially if you can get a toilet low enough to let you keep the window trim). Dealing with the HVAC on the floor might be tricky.

I don't think you'd need to do glass block (which might look wrong from the outside) but frosted should work. I'm guessing it's an older house? People expect things like this in older homes. It's part of their charm if they're done well.

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My parents guest room bath has the toilet in front of a window like that. There are blinds on the window. It's a non issue privacy wise, and it looks fine. Their window sill may be slightly higher than yours, but the top of the toilet tank is just below it. As long as the tank isn't sticking up in front of the window I think it will look fine.

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Thanks for the feedback! Yes, it is a 1876 Ontario yellow brick farmhouse. I was thinking of putting a half shutter on the window. The space below the bathroom is crawlspace so moving the hvac shouldn't be a problem. We have thought about putting a 6 foot wall just past the window and put a walk in shower behind it. Another option may be to turn the toilet clockwise 90 degrees and put it against that new wall?

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Fori is not pleased


(Sorry--I'm just trying to wrap my head around fixing up the teenagers' bathroom! I think most people do that after the kids move out.)

Okay. Got a sketch of the room and pertinent measurements? Or a floorplan of some of the potential layouts?

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Men don't care to stand in front of windows.
Especially when it's dark and they can't see who is out there.


Just saying...

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