Old Vertical Piano

tonyclemJune 13, 2007

Vertical piano: Norris & Hyde Boston Est. 1873 inside on mechanics of piano, sticker on inside of flip up top that says National Piano Mfg. Co. On back 1037698 is stamped into the wood and is has 2 pedals. I have searched the internet and can't find info on this. Any help would be great. I am curious more than anything. It is in ok shape but needs refinishing.


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Found this with a Google search -

Pianos and player-pianos bearing this old established name have been on the market since 1873 and have always been of good quality. They are made in the factories of Jacob Doll & Sons Piano Co.


All instruments bearing this name is manufactured in the factories of Jacob Doll & Sons, Inc. was one of the largest piano companies in America. The pianos and player- pianos were popular with a large class of music lovers and music dealers throughout the country. The player- pianos were of the same popular standard as the pianos, and the number of instruments annually produced was very large and constantly increasing. Uprights, grands, player pianos, electric expression and Reproducing pianos (Welte-Mignon, licensee) are manufactured and the instruments contain many valuable patents. This industry of Jacob Doll & Sons is one of the largest in New York and its confidence is proportionately great.

THE NATIONAL PIANO MANUFACTURING COMPANY was established in 1910 and made pianos for 16 years. The company is associated with such names as Conway, Briggs Merrill, Norris & Hyde, Wentworth, Hallet & Davis, and Jacob Doll.

So I'd say your piano was made between 1910 and 1926. Norris & Hyde used Jacob Doll & Sons, which was then using the name National Piano Manufacturing Company, to make the piano.

I have an upright, in perfect condition, made in 1920. I love it!

Here is a link that might be useful: How Old is My Piano

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I had an upright that was built in 1888. I loved mine, too. We removed the mice nests and had the insides (I forget the proper term) taken out and restored. It had a great sound! I was surprised at its lack of monetary value. Wonderful old uprights go for several hundred dollars around here, or at least they did some years ago.


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