What to do with Boneless Chuck Roast on Grill

loub5June 12, 2002

Hi All,

I got a great deal a few weeks ago for Black Angus Boleless Chuck Roast for 99 cents a LB, so I stucked up. After making several POT roast which were great I would like to try these on the grill(MM what a great grill). Anyone have any great tasting recipes and will also make this roast tender(wife hates tough meat). Got about 6 of these left need help real bad. Let me know


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Have you considered hamburger?

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I know I can do that I want to have something different. Come on some must know something good to do with these

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I deserve no credit for this "recipe" as it was posted by dannos on the members mark discussion part 2. I just recently purchased a couple of roasts to try it though! I copied it directly from his posting. He also recommends a rib cooking method. If you are interested in that you can go to that string and search on chuck roast!

Good luck-


Quick, delicious, cheap...
$1.99/lb chuck roast. Get an injector kit and inject it with Cajun Creole Garic, liberally sprinkle it with Cajun seasoning (both avaialbe at Menards), put in on the rotisserie for about 2 hours - 160 degress in the thick part will yield slightly pink. Chuck roast isn't round, so the ends that are closer to the IR burner will be extra crispy and spicey. I get my chuck roasts at Sam's - there's two in a package and I cook 'em both at the same time. Try the cajun seasoning on pork chops on the grill - it's great, but go easy on the Cajun seasoning cuz chops are a lot thinner than chuck roasts.

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Whatever you do, cook it a low heat, slowly. That will help break down the gristle, which chuck has a lot of. Personally I like the taste of good quality chuck - it has more taste than many more expensive cuts. But it can be a bit chewy. And sometimes the cheaper grades can taste kind of lousy.

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Found this recipe for you. I think the secret to grilling a chuck Roast will be in a longer marinating to make the roast tender.

Good Luck.


Here is a link that might be useful: chuck roast

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Thanks everyone I will give these a try and let u know

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