Need suggestions for rough shower floor - dog shower in garage

smargeJanuary 7, 2008

Hi, I'm having a dog shower put in our garage and am having trouble figuring out what to put on the shower floor. I originally thought we'd just have plain cement with a drain, like you see in horse barns for cleaning the horses, but the GC said no. Instead, he bought a pre-formed vinyl shower pan, and I said no, b/c I'm pretty sure my labrador retriever's nails will do a lot of damage and it will look terrible in short order. I was also hoping for something very low maintenanance, as in hose it off and call it a day.

My next thought was to do 1" mesh slate tiles, because they look nice and are rough. Not good either; I've read they flake, and the slate colors bleed into the grout. Does anyone know of a porcelain tile that has a lot of texture for traction, and that comes in a fairly natural, darker look?

Thanks for any help!

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I wouldn't rule out slate...we have slate in an older home (it's about 60 years old). We've lived there 15 years and have never done a thing to it and it gets abused by our chocolate lab and we use this entry way...daily! It's constantly getting wet and muddy....when I do get around to wiping it down it looks just fine...but I'm sure others here will give you good advice.

We too are considering such a doggie set up in a future home build ..I would LOVE to see a floor plan of this area to see how you're setting it up! Thanks.

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Dog shower? I'm envious!!

Do you think you might want a raised platform or tub for washing your dog? I wash my 3 dogs outside. I finally figured out my back feels a WHOLE lot better if I have the dog stand up on the deck which is about 30 inches above the ground where I stand.

I think a 1" square tile would be fine. Maybe unglazed porcelain?

Good luck!

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What about doing the concrete and painting it with an epoxy paint? You could even add sand to the paint to give it a little slip resistance, if you like.

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