I have this candlestick . . .

camlanJune 21, 2010

and it got broken.

The problem is that a family member broke it during a gathering at my house. I was just going to superglue it back together, but other family members were shocked at this attitude and insist that it should be taken to a very good, but very expensive repair place.

What I know about this candlestick is that it was my grandmother's and possibly my great-grandmother's (my grandparents lived with my great-grandparents for almost all their married lives, which makes it hard to determine who owned what). So I'm guessing from the 1920s, but that's a guess. It's not in the greatest shape, as the color seems to have faded away in spots and there are white dots where the green is just gone.

There's a mark on the bottom:

The glare from the glaze makes it hard to get a clear picture, but it says "The Foley" followed by what looks like an entwined C and W, then "FAIENCE." To the right of that it says, "SPANO-LUSTRA" in quotes and Iridescent Glaze below that.

I just like the colors and the shape, so I'll continue to use it no matter what. But where do you start to look to see if something is valuable and needs expert repair, or it's just pretty and you can fix it yourself? Are there books on this sort of thing? The grief I am getting from family because I dared to put a family "heirloom" to everyday use is beyond belief.

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Spano-lustre was a type of glaze used by Shelley and Wileman china. I've linked to the backstamp page of the Shelley China Club site which also has history, etc..

Here's another site: http://www.shelley.co.uk/index.html

Google around and you'll probably figure out what it's worth and so on. I think it's probably not worth a museum quality repair, but you can do better than superglue at home. It's a pretty piece, even if the glaze is worn. But your family should settle down--things are meant to be used and enjoyed, heirlooms included.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shelley China Club

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I agree that your family should give you a break. It isn't like we live forever, we should enjoy our beautiful things while we can. And as for them surviving intact to be passed on thru the family - why is that? So someone can make money off of them some day? Who cares! Eventually they will fall into the hands of a future relative who has no memory of you or your grandmothers, they will have no sentimental value, and they will be sold. That's all well and good, but to be honest, I have more to worry about than whether one of my decendents is going to get a good price for one of my items in 75 or 100 years.

Use and enjoy, that is my motto.

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