Moissanite vs. Diamond Rings?

butterflylionJanuary 13, 2008

Has anyone had any experience with Moissanite rings? (They are a gem that is created in a lab.)

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I really love jewerly. I remember the first time i saw Moissanite. Then i saw the price tag that went with this fake diamond. Fake! That is what it is. For that price you could buy many other CZ diamonds. I know they say that this is a real diamond. It has the same chemical components as a real diamond. However a real diamond grows in the ground. And that price tag is outrageous for something that is still not the real deal. Save your money and buy something from the QVC line or the JTV Bella Luca line. I hear really good things about their jewerly.

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My DH bought me some diamond studs for Xmas. When we were looking at them, the saleslady tried to persuade us to buy Moissanite instead. They WERE sparkly and cost about 25% less than the real diamonds. But I wanted the REAL THING. So I got the diamond studs instead. I'm like ninos -- if I'm going to spend that kind of $$$, I'm gonna get genuine stuff. I know I never would have been happy with Moissanite -- even though it looks "real," I would know it wasn't.

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CZ's are a better diamond substitute, in my opinion - for a fraction of the cost - unlike when they first came out, replacing the 'white topaz' or white spinels that had been used before then.

I've got no beef with any of the lab gems - the emeralds have the personality of green jello, but they're otherwise identical to the natural rock - without the dangers of mining, the exploitation of the locals, and the insane markups...

but what you're paying for? is the brand name and the marketting, and that irritates me whether I'm buying rocks, or shoes.

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If you like the looks, it's all that counts. I'd rather have a brilliant fake than a low quality diamond. It's the settings that make a fake look fabulous or not. I've seen many CZs that are really georgeous and can't tell the difference. Besides, you won't lose a finger trying to protect it from thieves.

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I wanted to buy my daughter a pair of diamond earrings for her birthday. Went to the best /most expensive jeweler I could find, a little shop so exclusive you have to buzzed in the security door. saleswoman showed me teensy pair of diamonds and a huge moissanite pair. They were so big they acytually looked tacky.I mean, they looked like they were several carats. I took the diamonds. I think the diamonds were actually more money, but I really did like them better.

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Moissanite looks grey if you compare it to the real diamonds(like comparing sterling to stainless steel)....I have grey hair....I don't need grey jewelry!

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Jannie, why would you go to the most expensive jeweler you could find? Diamonds are graded, you are only paying for the shop's overhead costs with the difference in price. It is like buying a designer shirt at Saks compared to a discount store. Same quality, you are paying for the store name. I don't get it.

Back to Moissanite, there is no comparison to the real thing. When we got engaged, my husband wanted to buy me a large stone, but I told him I wanted the clearest stone no matter the size. Instead of a huge cloudy stone, I got a 1 carat stone that is beautiful and clear. It sparkles and has such a brilliance that I have never been able to find replicated in any lab created gem.

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I thought I would reply to this since it's near the top of google under certain moissanite search terms.

To those talking down on Moissanite probably have zero experience with it. Diamonds are overpriced. When comparing Moissanite to cz there is a big cost difference, but it is still 1/10th the cost of a decent diamond. Moissanite looks much better than cz anyway. It's not only more durable, but has more fire than cz and diamonds. Some moissanite stones have the grey tint, and some dont. Some might also have a green and yellow tint, but again others do not. Same goes for diamonds too. They come in a wide range of shades and colors. I just bought a moissanite ring with .75 tcw of moissanite with 1.5 carat stone in the middle in a palladium ring. I paid $1,440 shipped. The same ring in diamonds with similar quality would have been over $15,000. Why on earth would I spend $15,000 on a ring that is worth 1/2 of what you pay when trying to resell it? The moissanite looks just as nice and has more fire. Diamonds are not an investment. You will never be able to sell jewelry for what you paid, unless you buy used. Diamonds do not hold their value.

If anyone thinks if diamonds are rare think about this. How many diamonds are at your local jewelry store? Take that number and multiply by all the jewelry store in your area. Take that and multiply it by how many cities in your state, then multiply that by 50. Thats only in the US. Think of how many diamonds there are in the world. That doesn't include the diamonds people are already wearing and locked in safes, or in the process of being cut, or in the ground still.

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28 years ago my wife's diamond ring was stolen. We had no insurance because when we had closed on our first home our insurance man told us that adding in the ring on our home insurance policy would hold up things for the closing. The ring was appraised at $3,500.00 and the diamond was .91ct with an I color and VS1 inclusion. To buy the diamond today on the wholesale internet diamond dealers would probably cost about 4,000.00.

I wanted to buy my wife a diamond ring again but the more I learned about diamonds and the De Beers cartel the more turned off I became on diamonds. De Beers monopolizes about 75% of the worlds diamonds. The are responsible for diamonds high prices. Through limiting distribution and advertising they have brainwashed people and gotten jewelers into accepting the high prices.

Moissanites are very tough and beautiful stone. If they are ever produced in cubic form there will be no way to distinguish the difference between diamonds and moissanites.
Most moissanite stones are not cut as well as many diamonds. Moissanites have only very good cuts while diamonds can have excellent and even better cuts.

I bought my wife a moissanite 6mm brilliant round stone and I explained all I know about moissanite and she loved the stone. She doesn't lie but tells her friends what kind of stone it is. We explain it's knickname, the "meteorite diamond" and that the man that discovered it thought they were diamonds on the meteorite that he had found. The color of most moissanite is I-J slightly yellow. But diamonds are often I-J too. The best thing about the moissanite is I don't have waste thousands of dollars on a piece of crystal that we really don't need and I don't have to buy insurance and waste a couple hundred more dollars a year. Also if we ever had to sell it we would not be out a couple thousand dollars. By the way I mounted the stone myself on a 14kt solitaire ring mounting. I am now for our anniversary mounting a 7x7mm square on a 14kt mounting with a 20" 14kt gold chain to give her. The stone cost $599.00 instead of a diamond at $15,000. It will look just as beautiful and I won't worry if it is lost or stolen. My will love the moissanite pendant because SHE IS PRACTICAL and not prejudiced by diamonds.

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I just want to follow up with this. Why not consider a natural light blue sapphire for a mounting? A couple years ago I bought a beautiful 1.5ct trillion sapphire for $300.00 on eBay. I had the stone mounted on a custom made ring by a jeweler. The jeweler made us the ring for $1500.00. The jeweler and my wife both loved the stone and the end result of the ring. I had a white gold square setting behind the sapphire on a brushed yellow gold ring. It looked gorgeous. I just want to explain there other stones that are beautiful and not marked up by the De Beers cartel. You can even use the money saved on a custom setting like we did.

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I bought a white topaz 3 carat solitaire with tiny stones down the sides of the band and an eternity band made of white topaz on eBay, for when my wedding ring is in the shop. The total for both rings was about $25. I wear them to work sometimes (I work in a casino where all the flashing lights make the stone sparkle brilliantly) and I have had two jewelers tell me they wouldn't have been able to tell the difference unless they had me take it off and they inspected it closely, it is that close to looking like a diamond.

I love that ring but I still won't give up my wedding rings ever, there is nothing in life to me as important as my family, my home and my marriage of which this particular stone happens to be the symbol of.

A rock is a rock, if you like it, get it, if you can't afford it, get something cheaper. It is what the stone stands for, not the stone itself, and if you are too good for a less expensive ring then the guy should take that as a sign and RUN. FAST.

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I've recently discovered moissanite as a reasonable diamond alternative. After doing some basic research it is clear that the majority of responders don't know what moissanite is.
To suggest that moissanite is a 'fake' diamond is like saying that a white topaz is a fake diamond. No, they are entirely different stones. Each has it's own unique properties. The manufacturers of moissanite do not claim to be making diamonds or that it has same chemical make up or properties as diamonds. Diamonds are diamonds, moissanties are moissanites.
I was very skeptical until I checked it out myself...and then I was impressed. Why should I spend $10,000 on a diamond when a moissanite is just as nice, more sparkly, nearly as hard (harder than ruby and sapphire...WAY harder than fake diamonds), etc. The stone will last a lifetime, there is no significant environmental or human impact like with mined stones.
I'm still deciding on my ring but there is a very good chance I'll be CHOOSING a moissanite over a same-sized diamond. No fake diamonds for me...and I have other things to do with the thousands of dollars I'll save. :)

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Moissanite is a beautiful gem. They shine even more than a diamond and in my opinion are the better option if you want a prettier stone. They are very near perfect in clarity and come in different color grades just like diamonds and cost way way less. I have a 1 carat moissanite with a half carat of diamonds on the side. The color of my main stone is a G on the diamond scale. They go very well together and you would never know that the whole ring isn't diamonds. That being said, I don't mind telling people that my stone is a moissanite, I love them. However, if you are looking for something beautiful that looks so close to a diamond that nobody would ever know that it isn't one a moissanite is the way to go. To me it looks like a very good quality diamond that would cost a fortune. My advise when buying one especially if you are buying online is to ask what the color is comparable to a diamond. This way you will make sure that you get a lighter stone that looks so close to a diamond that you won't believe it, even prettier in my opinion.

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Why does everyone keep saying that moissanite is a fake diamond? It's NOT meant to be a diamond. It's a moissanite. People passing it off as a diamond is a whole different story. Moissanite doesn't claim to be a diamond. You ahould think before you speak. Not everyone is obsessed with having a real diamond.

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Coming from a family in the jewelry business, I can attest to the fact that a moissanite has amazing clarity and glitter. I have two of them, an anniversary ring and a bezel set, both are set in gold and have settings that I designed. I get more compliments on my rings than any diamonds I've owned and that's the truth plus now I don't have to worry if I lose a stone or go on a trip. My rings cost about two grand, had they been diamonds they'd be about 10 grand. I really enjoy them.

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Ninos you've got to be kidding me. Do you realize that moissanite is superior than both diamonds and CZ? (See You're really sounding uninformed here.
Listen to yayagal. She knows what she's talking about.

Here is a link that might be useful: Differences between moissanite and diamonds

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