sally25January 14, 2006

Has anyone tried to do underarm waxing at home? I tried it today since I've always done my own face waxing and I bought a professional waxing pot at Sally's beauty supply. Boy, oh boy did it hurt. I don't think I can do it effectively by myself. haha .. anyone else try this?

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I actually use my epilator (a Braun) on my underarms. No muss, no fuss, zip zip. I think epilators are less painful because they don't pull on the skin.

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yeah, it hurts but it sure it worth it!!!
I use the wax also and it is difficult.
I was wondering if the epilator would work. I guess I should think about purchasing one.

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It might be helpful to enlist someone to hold the kin tight while you pull off the wax. I hear that makes it less painful. I'm a coward, myself, so I can't tell you for sure!

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