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Leo_in_HoustonMay 31, 2002

Have an opportunity to buy a slightly used Ducane model 2004 gas grill from a friend. It's made of SS, is a 2 burner and has an infared rotisserie. The new ones are ~$1000. Trying to establish a good offer considering there's no warranty. The new ones carry a limited lifetime warranty - whatever that means in layman's english.

Read the threads re the Members Mark (too big, saw it at Sam's) and the Costco unit but also believe it's more that what I'll ever need.

Any suggestions appreciated.


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I almost bought a Ducane, but couldn't get the funding approved by my finance director, so I got something lesser. They are very nice (and pricy), but you will not find many complaints about Ducane. They still use briquettes, which many grill makers are going away from, but they have a system to varporize the grease to reduce flare-ups. The best selling point for me WAS their quality backed by their lifetime warranty. I understand Ducane will replace almost anything (grids, burners, etc.) for the ORIGINAL owner. Without the warranty, I think I would first spend $600 on the MembersMark, so maybe this Ducane would be worth $400-500 to me without the warranty, but that's just my opinion.

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Appreciate the info. Can I ask which grill your FD approved as it's another choice to consider ?

Also, what system are the other mfg's going to other than briquittes ?

Any one know anything about Barbeques Galore's "Turbo" or Capt'N Cook grills?


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Many grills now use steel ceramic coated or stainless "flavor-wave" plates instead of briquettes. They are supposed to virtually eliminate flare-ups. I ended up getting a Kenmore 15540 40k btu grill + tank + cover for $380 on sale+rebate. My friend has one and really likes it and I've heard good feedback about Kenmore, but I question how long it will last. My grill shares design and parts with their $550 and $800 Elites, but it is not stainless. I also like the Great Outdoors grill, and after reading this recent rave review below, I'm questioning my choice. You can get the Great Outdoors grill 6000 with BRASS burners for $268 at WallMart and the thing is built like a TANK. It uses briquttes, but I bet you could drop in somebody elses "flavor-wave" plates if the briquettes give you trouble. I had no idea there were so many grills to choose from and it is mind boggling.

Here is a link that might be useful: Great Outdoor Grill

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Well I did it. I broke down and bought the Ducane (new not used). Am verrry happy with it & went the NG route.

Got a great deal at Cunningham's in Spring, TX they even assembled, delivered, installed/supplied the gas line all at no additional cost. From a cost standpoint they were way cheaper than Home Depot's "Expo" store for the same grill + at Expo it's "as is where is you dig your own trench, provide your own pipe".

I've grilled hot dogs, steaks and next is the rotis grilled chicken.

Thanks Jeff Cunningham !!

Thanks to all for their helpful guidance.

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A few years ago, I was in the market for a gas grill. I lived by my self, so I didn't need a very big grill. I did some research, and I wanted a grill that would last a long time, and would work well. I had a limited budget, and like I say, I didn't need a big grill. In short I wanted a high quality grill at a modest price, something with excelent value. I had been eying lots of large Stainless Steel grils, ones at Costco and such, however they were too big and expensive for me at the time.

Eventualy I found a Ducane "Take It or Leave It" grill that Costco was selling on their web pages for something like $200. It had Stainless steel cooking grates, stainless steel LA-VA-GRATE, stainless steel tube burners, and a heavy cast aluminium body. I had heard of Ducane previously, judging them somewhat by their price tag, and apprent reputation for quality, I had figured this was the best choice for my grilling needs at the time, I really figured this grill would last me pretty much a life time. I figured when I outgrew it's size I could use it as a portable grill.

After I had my grill for just a few weeks I had convinced my father that it was a good grill. Especialy since he travels south in the winter time, and this grill would be portable so he could use it when he and my mom travel. I had basicly based my recomendation largely on Ducane's apparent reputation for quality and my intial experiance with this Ducane grill.

Well after about a year of owning this grill I came to the conclusion that the Ducane "take it or leave it" grill sucks... It is nearly impossible to keep lit if it gets even a little windy. Only about 50% of the cooking surface gets hot enough to sear a steak, the other 50% is barely hot enough to cook anything. The LA-VA-GRATE burnt through on it's bottom after just two years of realtively light usage. Other then that the grill is till fine, but those three things are like really disapointing and enought to make me wish I had never purchased this grill.

Quite frankly I don't remember what kind of Waranty is/was suposed to be on my "Take it or Leave it" grill, and I never did try to get Ducane to replace the LA-VA-GRATE... Basicly my initial and only experiance with Ducane grills is less then sastisfactory. I would not recomend a Ducane based on my experiance with there low end "take it or leave it" model. Since the overall consturction of this low end Ducane grill is simmilar to the construction of their higher priced grills, I am highly skeptical of the value of there higher price grills as well.

I know my father is even less satisfied with his Ducane then I am with mine, and he'll probably never listen to me again on any recomendation for a grill. Since then I've gotten married. My wife and my father will probably never let me forget this past grill pruchase. Even without their help I know I will never forget this purchase, and I would never by another Ducane grill.

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If you don't want the Ducane "Take-it-or-leave-it-grill" anymore, I would be happy to take it off your hands. I would even pay the shipping if the grill is complete. Does it have all of the parts? Regulator, grids, etc..? Let me know, unless you plan on restoring it or want to keep it?

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Nah I plan on keeping it... I'll replace the LA-VA-GRATE with some steel grate and lava rocks when the other side burns through. I'll use the take it or leave it as a suplemental cooking surface when I have a big gathering at my house.

Now if you wanted to give me a $100 or so I'd let you have it...

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I didn't want to actually PAY you for it, I just thought it would be a nice charity cause if you were that unhappy with it, LOL.

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Just because I'm not pleased with my past purchase, doesn't mean I am willing to give something away...

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I have had a Ducane 2004 for about 6 years. We have used it almost constantly during this period for large turkeys, pork roasts, ribs, you-name it. The rotis has had to contend with giant birds and roasts that would choke a velociraptor. I can't imagine more demanding use (without being abusive) for a barbecue and given this usage, I can't even begin to imagine how the SS LA-VA-GRATE would burn through. Mine looks slightly discolored, but otherwise like the day I bought the Ducane.

While I'm at it, I might as well comment on the "Many grills now use steel ceramic coated or stainless "flavor-wave" plates instead of briquettes. They are supposed to virtually eliminate flare-ups." reference in an earlier message. I've experienced both the flavor wave thing as well as the steel ceramic coated approach. Both are quite prone to ongoing flare ups. I'm not talking about the flare up that comes from the immediate release of fat or volatile marinades. Typically those flare ups are instantanous and they quickly subside on a well designed unit. I'm talking about the flare ups that keep burning and cause everyone to run frantically to raise the lid which has now been shrouded in smoke. The Ducane does not to the latter.

Units with flavor bars/waves/etc. seem to flare up without warning. The same seems to be the case for two different ceramic coated steel units I have used. The Ducane uses ceramic pyramid shaped bricks which are placed on the Lavagrate. The lavagrate has "v" shaped bars which tend to hold any volatile drippings just long enough for them to vaporize. After 6 years of heavy use, the greatest effort I've had to make to clean the bottom of the "box" has been to sweep up light ash a few times. I have friends who use the more "modern" units who constantly have to clean up real grease. I'll take the SS lavagrate and ceramic pyramids over that mess anytime.

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Hmm... I wonder if Newer LA-VA-GRATES are differnt then older ones, or if it's just differnt on the Take It Or Leave It Grill.

My Ducane did not come with ANY ceramic bricks... The LA-VA-GRATE I have is suposed to eliminate the need for ceramics. My LA-VA-GRATE is made of realtively thin stainless steel, there are stips on the top that are offset from the strips on the top. The idea behind this system is that when grease drips on it, it is so hot that it instantly vaporizes... When I say thin stainless, I would estimate that my LA-VA-GRATE material is at most half the thickness of the cooking grate itself. The SS material that my LA-VA-GRATE is made from, is probably no more then .030" or .040" thick.

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I've had a Ducane 2002 grill for 10+ years now (it is the predecessor to the surrent 2004/2005 models). Used year-round, probably 50-75 times a year.

Plusses are that it is built to last, although burners have been replaced. It is one solid grill. The rotisserie is the finest feature of the grill -- this was one of the first grills to have such a rotis, and it works beautifully on roasts, chickens, turkeys, etc.

The only real minus is that the grill never gets as hot as I would like and does not do an adequate job of searing a steak.

As for the LA-VA-GRATE, old or new, as far as I can tell, you NEED to use the Ducane pyramid briquettes. See the following page at the Ducane website: http://www.ducane.com/2004.asp
and click on the LA-VA GRATE section under "Features". For some reason, your grill may not have have come with the briquettes, but you should still be using them or else you will not get proper results.

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I just got a great deal on a ducane grill, but the la va grate is shot. I found a new one on the net for about $50 (I only paid $30 for the grill). Is there any substitution for this part or am I going to have to bite the bullet and spend the $50? Thanks.

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