need design ideas for small bathroom 6.5 X 8

gardenswithducksJanuary 27, 2008

I have a small master bath room with has about 6.5'w X 8'L of space with an additional 3'x3" entrance area where the door is. I am looking for some design ideas. I haven't seen many small narrow bath ideas around. Thank you

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Is this a new construction build or a remodel? If the latter, what's the current layout and what are you looking to/willing to change? General update or total gut?

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If the door currently swings into the 3x3 entrance area, is it possible to change the swing out into the hallway (or whatever)? I know someone who did that and gained space. Our bath is about the same size. It is hard to get all the things you want/need in a small space, but it can be done. Can you post a sample floorplan?

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This is a remodel. I believe I will have to gut it because there is a shower tub stall. I will post the plan of the existing bathroom as soon as I figuare out to do that. Thanks for responding.

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One thing right off if you are remodeling is to see if you can do a pocket door. No door swing to worry about! My MBa is small, too, and if I decide to re-do it, that's first on my list. Oh, and replace the tub/sink combo w/ a walk-in shower stall!

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Is there a less soundproofing with a pocket door? My contractor is hesitant to convert our tiny bathroom's door to a pocket door because it won't block sound very well. This is an issue because the bath is right off the living room.

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There are solid core pocket doors available.

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Our bathroom is about the same size, and we are also thinking about a pocket door. Our bathroom is the only bathroom on the floor, and it opens off the living room. Would having a pocket door on such a visible bathroom hurt our resale value?

gardenswithducks, we are also doing a gut remodel, and our contractor suggested moving a wall about six inches into our dining room to give us more space. Is there any way you can expand?

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6 x 10 bath here [demo'd and slooooowly reassembling now] and you're right -- it's tough to find small bath ideas, even more so small narrow baths! And I know that my size isn't even that small.

"Recess whenever possible" is great, of course, and since you're doing a gut hopefully you can make that work for you.

Then there's the "monochromatic = more spacious" school of thought but IMO there are alternative ways to lead the eye around the room and create interest in a small space. Things to consider:

* color / color contrast
* the lines of an object (round vs square)
* judicious use of oversized scale
* having some consistency with eyelines/sightlines of your vertical elements

Here are some of the apparently-smaller baths I've found over the last 3 years that put at least one of the above into action:

We're adapting this built-into-doorway cab for our bath -- ours will be built out from the wall, perpendicular to the sink, and serve as a med cabinet.

IMO one of the biggest challenges with small baths is to create negative space that serves to set off what IS in the room. In our case, we splurged a bit on a demilune/semicircle vanity instead of a square or rectangular one -- given our bowling alley dimensions, it helps carve out some pleasing curves.

However, having lived in a place where the tiny wall-hung sink, toilet, and clawfoot were all accessible from one spot I know negative space is sometimes non-existent!

I've enjoyed the book below, which has a mix of sizes and lots of materials in it --"ideas for tiny half-baths, medium-size his-and-hers, and large, luxurious home spas. Specifics on ventilation, waterproofing, faucets, showers, tubs, and more."

Here is a link that might be useful: Here is a link that might be useful: New Bathroom Idea Book (Taunton Press)

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Similar size and situation, pocket door remodel for me. Sound is a total nonissue - contractor who says owise is a moron. Locking is also a nonissue if you are willing to pay more than the the $20 Home Depot standard issue hardware cost. Check out Von Morrison hardware on the internet - $150 - $200 and you get high quality good looking pocket door hardware

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We have a real small master, only room for a shower and that room is only about 3x7! Last year I did an update and removed the door between the vanity and the toilet/shower, and the door into the closet. I then used an outside pocket door, or barn door to close the whole area off from the master to make sort of a master suite. Here are some pics.

This is before the door, I am standing in the master looking towards the shower/toilet at the end,then the vanity area with the closet on the right.

Here is the barn door that is used to close the whole area off.

Another view.

Don't know if this helps, but it worked for us.



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Lauraella..any photos of the complete door..I love it and would love to show DH how classy these doors can look...thanks!!

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I bought the door at a builders surplus, I think it was $53 and it is solid pine. But you can use any door. The hardware was from I just ordered online and then we installed no problem. I will see if I can find a pic of the whole door.

Here is one:

Hope this helps, I wish I could do this in other rooms, but no room.



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junco East Georgia zone 8a

How has it worked out without the door between your bath/toilet areas and your closet? I've been tempted to do what you did but was worried about moisture getting in the closet. What do you think so far?

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There is a window over the toilet, so I always make sure that is open to vent. I have not had any problems with moisture in the closet. But I am in CA, so we don't take that many hot steamy showers for the cold! ")

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This is a fabulous idea--I want a pocket door to the MBath, as well, but the hassle of retrofitting didn't seem to be worth it. I'd like to hang a frosted glass door as you did this barn door (with a wood frame, of course)--to let more light into the bath area (there's a french door in the MBedroom, right next to the bath, and a small window in the bathroom--want to maximize the light flow...) Do you think that's feasible? thanks-

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I think there is a thread on this in the remodeling forum where someone did just that! Of course the way they changed things around I may not be able to find it. If I do I will post.


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Thanks, Laura--I'm jazzed now!

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I couldn't find the thread buy think the guys name was jrice?

Are you in Alaksa? We we up there 3 years ago, loved it. Can't wait to go back again!

Good Luck,


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I was asked on another thread to post a picture here of my bathroom as it's pretty small, 10 ft x 4ft 10. Some of the things we did to make the small design work:

* made whole width of room the size of the shower
* tiled to top of wall
* used large format tiles in stacked pattern on walls
* emphasized width using a horizontal glass accent
* kept vanity unit small (24 x 16)
* used large format floor tiles
* kept colors simple and lines clean
* we will also be using a frameless shower door, yet to be installed that will keep it all simple and open looking.

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House Vixen,
Thanks for the book idea re small bathrooms. just ordered it used on amazon. can't wait to get it. This thread is really helpful!

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I saw a similar door concept at a hotel I stayed at - it was sliding on the outside rather than in the wall. It was kind of asian looking I thought - more modern - two sliding panels with frosted glasss and a little bit industrial looking hardware. I loved it - took pictures on my phone for future reference. DH and I have been discussing. He's wondering about the sound and about the glass - it was pretty much opaque. I like the idea of some natural light getting into my windowless bathroom.

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