Sparse eyebrows

arizonaroseJanuary 23, 2006

Does anyone have a good fix for thin eyebrows? I bought some Avon eyebrow powder but find it difficult to apply. The pencils I have tried seem to harsh and *drawn on* looking, even after brushing and blending it. Hope someone has a solution.

Thanks in advance :)

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One thing you can do is get them tattooed. I had mine done about three years ago. They look very natural. Take your time in selecting the tattoo artist and make sure you see photos of other eyebrows she's done. Some artists are much too heavy handed and color in every speck of skin. Mine did more of a feathering treatment. The lighter the color, the more easily they will fade. Mine are a light brown. They faded dramatically in the first year and my artist redid them free. They still faded 50% but look OK. Next time, I'll go with a medium brown so they last longer.

Another suggestion is to use eyeshadow instead of pencil. The eyeshadow can be applied with a thin, firm brush within the brows. It looks completely natural and soft and stays all day.

Lastly, you can dye your eyebrows. Buy the dye at a beauty supply and dye your eyebrows darker than their natural color. It will appear as if they are thicker. Even with my eyebrows tattooed, I dye my eyebrows because I changed my hair color and I'm getting grey brows!

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Tatooing them really interests me. I wonder how painful that is? Also, is it very expensive? I am going to try the eyeshadow and see how that works. Thanks so much for your advice !

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I have the same lack of eyebrows. I use a powder eyebrow product, think it's from Mary Kay. I put it on a bit heavy and then take a little brush I got at Ulta which looks like a mascara brush, and I brush the eyebrows until the look is softened.

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Tattooing wasn't too painful -- certainly much less painful than lips and eyes which are more sensitive. It was quick too. I had mine done by the "tap" method (by hand and not a machine). My technician was very expensive in a wealthy area. I'm sure you can get it done for a couple of hundred dollars. I prefer the tap method over the machine which is bloodier and more painful.

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I use Maybelline's eyebrow powder. I love it, and plan on stocking up before they discontinue it. (It seems that always happens when I finally find something I really like!)

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Thanks everyone who replied :)

Jeanette, I definitely will do some research into the tatooing, It sounds like the perfect solution...cept' for the pain involved.

Socks & Lonestarlady, I think the powder is the best fix @ this time, altho it's not perfect it beats the pencil!

Thanks again everybody!!

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a coworker is undergoing cancer treatment, and had hers done before her first round of chemo. They look very natural, and she has been quite pleased. She also had her eyelids lined. She was very careful in choosing her technician, also.

On another board, I have seen suggestions of using Rogaine on eyebrows to encourage regrowth. They say that it can be effective particularly if you are also using Retin A products on your face, and if you take B-complex vitamins and Biotin. I have tried this, and haven't seen much change, but it might work for someone else.

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Tatoo is a good option. But you need to pick a good facial artist.

From your ID I am wondering if you live in Arizona.
I know a talent facial artist in Phoenix who is also a wonderful person. I have seen the work she did on her clients, they are all beautiful. Check out her link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: A great facial artist in Phoenix

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I have dark hair but thin & light colored brows. I use LORAC brow wax & I use an eyebrow brush to apply it. It works aweseome & better than powders that look like you have eyeshadow on your eyes. It's simple to apply (much easier than a pencil) & looks natural & stays put, plus the container lasts forever. I ordered mine through Sephora. QVC carries it too.


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