Windbreak for BBQ

ijensenMay 17, 2014

We live in an area that is extremely windy at times. The day we purchased our new BBQ, the wind came up and blew it over, denting the handle and front part of the grill. We have had the same thing happen several times since if we are entertaining and didn't move the BBQ back under the pavilion immediately after cooking. We have a nice picnic/BBQ area but like to move the BBQ from under the pavilion to cook for safety reasons.

Does anyone here have a picture of a windbreak or wind wall that the BBQ can be placed in front of they would be willing to share. We have considered constructing a cinderblock wall, a block retaining wall and even a wall with metal siding panels attached to a 4X4 fence type framing. We also saw a very attractive faux rock vinyl fence panel that looked nice, but worried it would be too hot and melt the vinyl.

Any help would be appreciated. Happy Grilling...:)

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