Cindy Crawford advertises this...

kmf06January 25, 2006

Hello, has anyone tried the face cream, etc. that is an infomercial that Cindy Crawford advertises?? I am always looking for a great face cream/moisturizer but most of them make me break out and so on. Would like to hear if this one is any good or not??? Sorry can not remember the name of it right off. Thanks.

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No offense, but that would be the best reason for me NOT to buy it. She also hawks furniture here in Florida. Check w/ a pharmacist or your dermatologist for a mild moisturizer. Good luck.

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I don't catch infomercials very often, so I don't know the product you're asking about... but I really like Neutrogena's Oil-Free Moisture for Combination Skin. I break out easily from facial products, but this moisturizer has always worked well with my skin.

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Hi I just got the meaningful moisturizer system. I like the way my face felt when I woke up this morning. It felt like silk.

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