Lipstick recommendation?

CassandraJanuary 25, 2010

Can someone recommend a good lipstick? I need something that colors dull lips well and has staying power. All my current lipsticks are matte and it seems like everyone is into glossy, right?

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For lipstick staying power, use a light coat of powder on your lips before applying lipstick. If you like the color and want them glossy, a clear coat of gloss is perfect, or you can get the matching tinted gloss for your lipstick. Plain old Vaseline works as well as glosses too for a cheaper gloss.

Also, when your lipstick gets used up, dig the remaining lipstick out with a thin stick and mix it in a tiny container with a bit of Vaseline to make your own perfectly matched lip gloss.

No need to go out any buy any new lipsticks.

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I have no colour in my lips. I use a hydrating, full colour lipstick, applied over a similar colour lipliner - with lips filled in - applied over a good lip cream/balm that does not have any form of an exfoliant. I will not use one of the "long lasting" lipsticks that are supposed to stay put for 8 hours as I find them very drying. I also do not suit gloss - whether it be on its own (lips too pale) - or a gloss lipstick. Somehow it makes me look somewhat "cheap" - and I am talking about a Cle de Peau Extra Silky Lipstick here - they cost about $60 - I tried it because the colour would work - after changing due to my very high body acid. I had to blot it a few times to remove the "shine". The lady I buy my cosmetics from was shocked at how bad the glossy look "looked" on my. Due to my colour changing problems, I have only one lipstick - not cheap - it is a Sisley. Chanel makes Hydrabase - I am in Canada so our Chanel is Made in France, not the U.S., but I understand that in the spring Chanel sold in the U.S. will also be made in France so pigments/formulations will be the same. So bottom line is make sure you suit the glossy look. My lipstick does not look "matte" as in the matte look, it just looks creamy - which is want I want. I would try out a few lines to find out one that looks the best on you. I did match the colour once to one made by a cheaper - but not that cheap - brand - but once applied my lips felt as if I had been eating greasy soup and crackers - that had dried on my lips. So back to my one and only lipstick. Filling in with the lipliner really helps hold the colour - of course best to find a moisturing l/l. I am nearly 60, but did not suit glossy lipsticks when I was 20.

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