jen-air gas gril at lowes?

mrlanwanMay 20, 2002

Any comments on this one? I don't care about side burners. They look nice but I never use them. How does it compare at the same price as MM?

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Hard to say. I don't see or read anything about a rear burner for the rotiserie, nor do I see a price. Underneath storage appears to be less, (If it has any). And, of course as you mentioned, the lack of the side burner. The grates and overall construction does not seem to be equal in materials either. A lot of porcelin enamel use and not as much stainless as the MM from Sams. I really don't see much of a comparison if you ask me. I think Jenn-air was a pioneer in indoor modular cooking and has done a great job for over 20 years at that, but I am not sure about thier entry into the outdoor cooking arena. Just my thoughts.


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Did you ever decide which to buy? I too am debating between these two grills. Although bsbbq has a great point about Jenn-Air, there's something in knowing you have a recognized brand (and yes, I realize MM is actually GrandHall).

Just curious...Jenna

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I looked at the Jenn-air a little closer and found it to have lower quality items like plastic casters, (like office furniture would). That really turned me off. I think for the same money the MM is a much better value. I think for an extra $200 the Virco at Costco can not be beat. I bought one two weeks ago and could not be happier. I looked at the Jenn-air first but I didn't feel the grill was in the same class as the MM or Virco. As far as brands go, I would not be surprised if the Jenn-air was made for them by someone else anyways. I think that if brand is of a concern, you might want to stick to Weber. I think that today, too many manufacturers live on their legacy and don't necessarily build as good a product as they used to. I sometimes see the better built items from the more obscure companies, because they want to build a name, not live off one. I have cooked a great many items on my Virco so far and have had nothing but perfection. I rotisseried some chickens on Memorial Day, they were perfect, nice and juicy. No complaints yet and it is made in Taiwan. Full 304 stainless steel from stem to stern. Very good fit and finish. Just my two cents worth (maybe four!)


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Thanks for your added input! I appreciate it. Costco is not in my area but I will look more seriously at the MM. Thanks again! Jenna

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